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Find The Perfect Kids Bean Bags For Your Children!


Children can be very very picky when it comes to furniture for their room, or the furnishings they use around the house. This is why Kloudsac offer many different foam filled bean bag styles. Some KloudSac’s are more suited to younger children while others can be used by kids or teens of any age. To determine if the Kloudsac will be large enough, or small enough, please read the descriptions below – if you require any additional information please don’t hesitate to email us!



When you buy your child anything, from furniture to clothes, you want to know it lasts. At Kloudsac, we don’t just tell you it will, we guarantee it. All KloudSac’s come with extensive guarantees and warranties. Kloudsac’s are essentially unbreakable. We use a premium blend of our very own shredded DreamFoam. DreamFoam comes pre-filled inside your Kloudsac, and never ever goes flat.. EVER. Traditional beans have a life expectancy of about 6 months, at which time the bean bag usually heads to the bin. The Kloudsac you buy your child today will be as comfortable and soft in 10 years as it will be when you get it. A foam filling instead of traditional bean fillings has many other benefits. Foam is noise free, so when your children are jumping and playing on their Kloudsac, you won’t hear that annoying crunching sound that beans make. When your child sits on their Kloudsac, the foam compacts to fit and shape around your child’s body, unlike beans which push out to the sides of a beanbag, putting a lot of pressure and wear and tear on the bags zips and seams.

It’s not just the foam filling that gives our KloudSac’s incredibly durability.  We use a dual cover system. We have an innersac cover that contains our DreamFoam – The innersac is made out of a stretchy and hardwearing poly-cotton. Our Kloudsac outer covers come in many fabrics; however they all have the same durability properties. They all have a poly-blend, ensuring they are stain resistant and not absorbent, washable, hard wearing and their colours won’t fade. All our outer covers are double back by a hard wearing and durable poly-mesh.  This mesh is exclusive to Kloudsac, and safeguard’s your covers against any stretching, pulling or tearing.


When choosing the right furnishings for your children, safety is always the number one priority. Kloudsac don’t just meet government safety standards, we go above and beyond – to ensure that the Kloudsac you buy will be the safest piece of furniture you own. Kloudsac’s are filled with shredded premium foam – no sharp corners and hard materials that could harm your children, just a bag or the softest and comfiest foam you could imagine. The foam filling is also much safer than traditional bean fillings, foam compacts when sat on, beans move and shift around the bag putting pressure on seams and zips. A Kloudsac will never ever explode and send 1000’s of tiny little choking hazards across the room. All Kloudsac’s come with two covers, an outer cover and an Innersac – and all our Innersac’s are fitted with child-proofed zips. These zips safeguard your Kloudsac(s) from your child getting into the foam filling.

Kids fun bean bag


Kloudsac: A Fun, Comfy Seat for Any Room

When looking for kids bean bags and seating, it is important that you always look for something that will be comfy, colourful, fun and inviting – so that your children will want to use them on a regular basis, whether its be a kids playroom, lounge, rumpus room or even as a hire option for your children’s birthday.

The most popular choice for younger children is the original Kloudsac model which comes in three sizes – the Mondo (5ft Diameter), Urban (4ft Diameter) and Single Sac (3ft Diameter), each of which comes with interchangeable covers.


The Single: A great single seater that will fit perfectly in any room

The Single Kloudsac (3 ft in diameter) is the perfect sac for any young child. The smallest Kloudsac in our range, it is still big enough to give your child good back support, and provide a very stable and safe seating option. The Single Sac is so versatile, it can be used almost anywhere: from bedroom seating options, living room areas, rumpus room areas and gaming rooms. They are great to relax on whilst watching TV, playing video or board games, using IPads and Tablets, or simply hanging out with their friends and family. Pick them up, and move them from space to space easily, or get creative, and get 2, 3 or 4 Singles, which will allow you to create flexible seating options around the whole house. Don’t worry though, when the kids are at school, the Single sac bean bag is also a very comfy seat for any adult!

Single bean bag


The Urban Kloudsac: A soft lounger for one or many!


The Urban Kloudsac is the Sac you want to get if: Your child is a bit older or larger, or, you’re looking for flexible seating the will seat multiple kids. The Urban is an extra foot bigger in diameter than the Single. This allows 2 or 3 children to sit side by side on it facing the same way, or 3-5 children sitting around the Sac or back to back. The Urban Kloudsac also sits slightly higher than the single, this extra size makes the Urban a much better option of you are looking to provide a more relaxed seating option. You can really sit back and spread out in an urban Kloudsac. Some creative ideas to use the Urban include setting up a few in the living room so that kids can sit in them to watch television or play video games with their friends or siblings. Urban Kloudsac’s can be put in their bedrooms so they always have a place to sit down. As they comfortably sit 2-3 kids, they are a great seating option if you want multiple children working together on their homework or even watching a movie. Even though it is bigger than the single, it is still extremely easy to pick up and move from room to room so that they can join in activities or sit with family.


The Mondo Kloudsac: A Large And Soft Lounger

If either the single or the Urban are big enough for your needs, we do have another model that may be better for you – the Mondo Kloudsac. The Mondo is our largest round sac at 5ft in diameter, and is the perfect size for 1-3 teenagers, or 4-6 smaller children. Sitting across or around it with their buddies, or laying back and relaxing as a single seater, the Mondo is big, but not too big. It will fit easily in most rooms and spaces, and like its little brothers the Urban and the Single, it’s easily moved around so is very flexible.

The Mondo is also perfect if you want kids bean bags that your child won’t outgrow, as they can be used by teenagers and adults – they can even take it with them when they move out!


For further information regarding to the individual products please look at the individual product pages below.


If you have anymore questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact the KloudSac team.



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