Kloudsac Bean Bag Chairs; The Perfect Chair To Watch On Sport And Entertain!

Watch Sport In Style And Comfort On Your Kloudsac Foam-Filled Bean Bag

Sports Bean Bag Chair

Spring is in the air, the sun has been shining, and there is a smile on everyone’s faces as we all know the cold and frosty weather is almost behind us! There is so much excitement coming up; The AFL Grand final is this weekend, the NRL Grand final the following, October and November will be filled with the spring racing carnival, The A-league soccer season is just about to get under way, the English Premier League has just started, the Australian Open in January, and let’s not forget a bumper summer of cricket, with the Ashes series, and the domestic Twenty20 season headlining the show!

Whether you cleaning the cobwebs off your BBQ, opening up a couple of coldies and chucking on a few snags with friends for the Boxing day test, or staying up late to watch the premier league, what better way to watch all the action – and accommodate any guests – than with a few Kloudsacs Foam FIlled Bean Bag chairs. Without doubt the comfiest piece of furniture on the planet, and just as importantly, extremely versatile.

Turn any space into a Sports bar that all your mates will envy in an instant with a couple of amazing Kloudsac foam-filled bean bags. Why not get a few Mondo’s, the largest in our range, and Kloudsac bean bags that will comfortably seat 2 adults. If you don’t fancy sharing, kick your mate off and take the entire Mondo to yourself, it’s the ultimate single seater – and if you’re up late for an epic 5 setter during the Aussie open, you’ll have to get a matching OttoSac for you Mondo – the perfect footstool to rest your feet on! If space is an issue, or you’re looking for the ideal single seater for an adult, grab our Urban Kloudsac. A touch smaller than its bigger brother the Mondo, the Urban is just as comfy, and when teamed with 2-3 other Urbans, a great choice for creating a flexible, versatile and cool sports watching area. For the ultimate Sport watching experience, mix and match between the sizes!


Tennis Bean Bag

Remember traditional bean bags? You would be watching the game, and every time your friend or family member moved on their bean bag, you’d get that frustrating crunch and rustle from the beans! Even the slightest movement was enough to bring on the headache inducing bean crunch. Crunching beans won’t ruin the game with Kloudsac. All our Sac’s are pre-filled with premium shredded DreamFoam. This foam filling ensures that not only will your Kloudsac not make any noise, it will NEVER go flat, NEVER need topping up, it will be un-breakable, and most importantly, provide you with the most amazingly comfortable piece of furniture you will ever own.

And if you spill any beer or tomato sauce on your Kloudsac your wife of girlfriend won’t kill you. All Kloudsacs have dual cover technology. A durable Innersac holds all your foam filling, allowing your premium outer cover to be removed, washed, and even interchanged with other covers in a matter of seconds. All our covers are made with a high quality poly blend, making then non-absorbent, and easily machine washable.

Invite your mates over for a day of cricket, entertain family over the festive season, or even have a nap after a few beers at the races on your Kloudsac Foam Filled bean bag this summer. The coolest, comfiest and most fun furniture you’ll over own, 100% guaranteed. GO KLOUDSAC!

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