KloudSac Warranty

Established in 2011, KloudSac has been around long enough to know that having an awesome warranty period is important to our customers.

That’s why we proudly back all our KloudSacs with an extensive warranty period for your peace of mind.


KloudSac covers come with a 3 year warranty for all workmanship and manufacturing defects relating to the zips, seams and stitching.

Should you wish to place a warranty claim, please provide us with photographic evidence of the fault. We will try our best by email communication to try and help resolve any zipper issues. If the fault still persists, you are welcome to return the cover back to us for evaluaton. You will be responsible for the cost of returning the cover back to us.

If the fault is deemed a warranty issue, we will attempt to repair the fault and return this to you.

If however we are unable to correct the issue, a replacement cover will be sent out to you.

In the case of a warranty fault with the stitching or zip on the lining of the foam bag, a replacement foam bag lining only (excluding foam) will be supplied. This replacement cover for the foam bag will have a zip pattern the same as the cover.


Our foam blend that fills your KloudSac has a warranty of 10 years, to never go completely flat. Regular maintenance of your KloudSac (refer KloudSac Maintenance) must be adhered to for your foam to be kept to its peak fluffing capacity.

Rolling and massaging / kneading of your KloudSac must be done regularly to keep the foam from being compacted for too long. Foam compacted for too long can result in each individual piece losing its ability to ‘spring back’ and fill with air. The foams ability to spring back promotes the KloudSacs overall bounce and vitality.