Q: Why is my Kloud so comfortable?

A: That’s just how we create at KloudNine.

Q: How often do i have to refill my Kloud?

A: Never! Klouds don’t go flat.


Q: Do Klouds have that annoying bean sound like beanbags?

A: No! Klouds are designed with soft and noise free EnviraFoam


Q: Can a Kloud be washed?

A: Yes, your outer cover can easily be removed so that you can clean it if you ever come across and unavoidable mess.


Q: How do i wash my Kloud?

A: Please refer to your product label for specific washing instructions, or contact us directly as all products have different care instructions.


Q:What size Kloud should i get?

A: Your best to visit one of our many retailers to sit on a kloud to get your perfect reference, otherwise visit our sizing page which is located on Our Range to get a good estimate of the Kloud size you require.


Q: How do i keep my Kloud soft and fluffy?

A: Best is to regularly roll, fluff, turn over your Kloud. Refer to our Bag Care page for further information.


Q: My Kloud isn’t the same as it was in store out of the bag when i got it home.

A: Klouds can take up to 72hrs to come to their full life size, just keep fluffing your Kloud and soon enough you’ll be in comfort heaven.


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