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What's inside my KloudSac?

The secret that makes a KloudSac a KloudSac, and leaves you feeling, as one customer put it, 'like you're falling into a giant marshmallow', is our special blend of  foam filling. From customer descriptions such as 'like sitting in a cloud' to 'this is the most comfortable piece of furniture ever', you never forget your first experience sitting in a KloudSac.

Foam just isn't foam these days! You have to make sure you're getting a foam that is of the latest technology, with a density and compression value that makes it ideal for sitting into over and over and over again.

Our Foam is a combination of larger pieced shredded foam, and smaller crumbed foam. A combination of thousands upon thousands of individual foam pieces are lovingly packaged into each and every KloudSac (Wow that line sounds awesome- I'm envisaging someone in production picking up each piece of foam and packaging it inside the inner sac!)

It's almost like a Goldilocks formula. Use only crumbed foam, and you're left with a compressed sad sac that doesn't rebound back to shape - who wants that? Use only shredded foam, and you just don't sink into the sac - not the KloudSac way!

We've perfected this foam combination, so that anyone who sits into a Kloud, goes into a sudden state of relaxation and happiness! 

Versus Beans

There is no comparison. The comfort of a foam filled KloudSac wins hands down. Other benefits of our Foam over bean filling are:

  • No crunching bean noise
  • No need to top up beans constantly
  • Moulds and supports your body weight. We guarantee your bum will never get sore!
  • Protect from wear and tear. Sitting on beans causes them to spread and puts strain on zips and seams. Dream Foam absorbs your weight, so no wear and tear, and definitely no explosions.
Foam filling

How often will I need to refill the foam in my KloudSac?

Never! Yep, that's right. And we provide a 10 year warranty to back that up. Only KloudSac can do that, because we've been around since 2008. Unlike bean bags, the Foam in KloudSac's don't go flat. We recommend following our maintenance advice, rolling and pushing into to it weekly, to make sure your sac stays in optimal flop condition. Yes that is the technical description!

How do I maintain my KloudSac?

It's actually really simple. We recommend you fluff, sit, flip, flop, turn and fall on your KloudSac as much as possible. By doing this, you help to separate the thousands of Foam pieces that are contained within your KloudSac. This causes air to enter individual foam pieces, allowing them to expand.

The quickest and easiest way to do this is by placing your hands on either side of the bag and compressing inwards, or rolling your bag and pressing the lumps towards the centre of the bag. This will help your KloudSac bounce back and also makes it more fun to jump into!

Do KloudSacs 'crunch' like bean bags do?

No. The foam inside our KloudSac's is silent. You could jump into it, fall into it and the person in the next room would never know. 

Can I wash the cover?

Yes, all KloudSac covers, even the faux fur covers are washable. Our covers are made from durable, hard-wearing and stain resistant fabrics. Most of the time spot cleaning will be more than adequate to remove a dirty spot or mark on your cover. However, there will be times when you may need to give your KloudSac cover a full wash.

It's easy to wash you KloudSac cover in a washing machine. Using a little washing liquid, set your cycle to a gentle cold wash, and only use a gentle spin dry cycle. Then simply remove your cover the cover from the washing machine, and hang it out to drip dry. Please do not tumble dry, as this can damage the cover.

For a more in-depthguide to cleaning your KloudSac cover please click here.

Do you have outdoor covers for KloudSacs?

Yes, we have a range of outdoor covers to suit your KloudSac. We don't, however, recommend leaving this fabric in the weather for too long, and especially to avoid rain, or large amounts of water.

We are currently testing new fabrics for the KloudSac range to find the perfect combination of weather proof and comfort. If you want to know more about this range please contact us here.

How is my KloudSac delivered?

As much as we would love to deliver your KloudSac assembled and as pictured on our site, unfortunately it isn't. 

Instead, each KloudSac will be delivered to you at approximately 1/4 its assembled size. Amazing! The Shredded Foam contained within the inner Sac is compressed down via a huge industrial grade vacuum, that removes as much air as possible from each and every piece of foam. This allows us to to easily ship the KloudSac to you.

It's Arrived! How do I set it up?

The setup process is really easy and one of those times where a quick video explains it so much better than we ever could...