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Fur Cushions

Stone Fur Cushion

$64.95 inc Gst
$64.95 inc Gst

Fur Cushions

Polar Fur Cushion

$64.95 inc Gst
$64.95 inc Gst
$64.95 inc Gst

Who wouldn’t want a pile of fun faux fur cushions to pile onto sofas, beds, and chairs all around the house? Even better, these fur cushions come in a range of styles and colours designed to complement whatever KloudSac furnishings you have chosen for your home. Choose from the superbly soft, medium length Divine Brown Fur, the silky Stone Fur in a stone-like pattern, the soft white Polar Fur, or our white and brown shaggy fur for a fun, casual look.

Soft, Yet Oh-So Easy-Care
Whether or not you have other KloudSac furniture, you need to try these comfy cushions. With their soft poly-cotton insert, they make you feel like you’re floating on clouds. Their soft faux fur covers feel better than the real thing and are machine washable to boot. When they get soiled, just remove them, toss them into the washer, and they’ll feel like new.

Don’t worry about them keeping their shape. Inside, we back the cover with a polymesh fabric to reduce stretch so they’ll look good for years to come.

Cuddle Up with Fur Cushions After a Tough Day
Rest your head on one of these, and you won’t want to get off the sofa or out of bed. Pile them up on your bed for a restful retreat you’ll never want to leave. These are the cushions Australia is raving about—and you can buy them for way less than you’d pay for cushions with only a fraction of their comfort.

Pamper Your Casual Rooms with KloudSac Faux Fur Cushions
For a casual, relaxed look for bedrooms, media rooms, or laid-back living rooms, you can’t go wrong with KloudSac fur cushions. Order these cushions online today.

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