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Foam-filled bean bag chairs

We have taken the traditional, bean filled bean bags and morphed them into bigger, comfier, softer and more durable versions of their former selves! The first thing you’ll notice about a Kloudsac foam filled chair is it’s size. They are a little bigger than traditional bean bag chairs, but its their size that makes them so damn amazing (and comfy). The second thing you’ll notice is that there is no beans. That’s right… NO beans! We fill our Kloudsac’s with premium shredded foam (Kloudsac Dream Foam). The benefits of foam are amazing. Your foam-filled sofa will never make any noise, so no more bean rustling every time you move; it will never ever go flat, so no expensive and annoying bean top-ups and re-fills; and most importantly, the comfort – whilst beans spread and move when you sit down, the foam compacts, and moulds around your body, the foam bouncing back providing the perfect pressure and warmth, we agree with everyone who’s ever sat on a Kloudsac, they really are the most comfortable seat on the planet, hands down. Foam Filling for your Kloudsac – DreamFoam Our DreamFoam filling is what makes Kloudsacs different, and so damn amazing. We specially source the foam-off cuts from sofa and tailings from sofa chairs, mattresses and lounges, shred it into small pieces (roughly golf ball size) and then use it to fill our premium Kloudsacs. The result - No bean noise, no re-fills or top ups (we guarantee it won’t go flat) and superior comfort. We call our foam filling DreamFoam. A secret mix of 4 different densities of foam, that when combined causes anyone who sits into it to go into a sudden state of relaxation and happiness. The benefits of Premium DreamFoam over traditional beans are almost endless, but for your benefit, we’ll try and list them all for you!
  • Kloudsacs come Pre-filled with shredded foam, making them a one off purchase – no need to pay for a beanbag cover, then spend a fortune filling it.
  • Kloudsacs never got flat – so no expensive top ups!
  • Shredded foam doesn’t make any of the annoying noise that traditional beans make, in fact, it doesn’t make any noise at all (crunch, crunch, crunch no more!)
  • Shredded foam moulds around and supports your body weight, we guarantee you bum will never get sore.
  • DreamFoam will protect your Kloudsac outer cover from wear and tear. Whereas sitting on beans forces them to spread and put strain in zips and seams, premium dream foam compacts – so not wear and tear – and definitely no bean bag explosions! And the best part, when you get off your Kloudsac, it pops straight back up.
  • Kloudsacs are SO comfy. There’s no doubt in our minds it will be the comfiest piece of furniture you’ll ever purchase. It’s like sitting on a Cloud, that’s in a Sac.. Kloudsac!

Single Small Foam Filled Bean Bags

The Single Kloudsac is the smallest in our range of ‘round’ Kloudsacs. Great for kids, small bedrooms, extra lounge seating, nurseries or playrooms. The single is also a fantastic gamer bean bag. Just be careful if your putting these in your children’s bedrooms, sending them to their rooms when they’ve been naughty may actually turn into a treat for them!
  • Seats 1 Child or 1 Gamer
  • 90cm wide
  • 70cm high
  • Prefilled with 12-15kg of DreamFoam
  • Comes with peace of mind extended warranty.
  • The comfiest seat on the planet

Urban Medium Foam Filled Bean Bags

An ideal size for one adult or two if you want to get really close, the Urban KloudSac Foam-Filled Bean Bag is great for spaces that may be a little tight on space, without compromising on the comfort level for the user! Its single arm chair sized, small enough to be tucked into any inner city apartment, or pair it up with a couple of Urbans are Kloudsacs and create the ultimate lounge space. Perfect for larger bedrooms, family rooms or media spaces, the Urban is destined to be the favourite piece in any home. Perfect for one adult to comfortably relax, or 2 adults to squeeze a little closer together.
  • Seats 1-2 adults
  • 120cm wide
  • 90cm high
  • Prefilled with 20-22kg of DreamFoam
  • Comes with peace of mind extended warranty.
  • The comfiest seat on the planet

Mondo Large Foam Filled Bean Bags

The Mondo KloudSac Foam-Filled Bean Bag is our second largest, and most popular KloudSac. It’s a great addition for any space, from lounge room’s, rumpus room’s, bedroom’s, home theaters and cinema’s, to retail spaces, corporate areas and schools – the Mondo will go anywhere. It is the perfect Sac for one person – you can stretch right out and relax – but there is also plenty of room to share your Mondo with others. The Mondo can seat up to 2 adults comfortably, 3 if you feel like getting really close !. All Mondo’s come pre-filled with 25kg’s our premium shredded DreamFoam, a secret mix of 4 different types of foam. Seats 1-2 adults
  • 150cm wide
  • 120 cm high
  • Prefilled with 25-28kg of DreamFoam
  • Comes with peace of mind extended warranty.
  • The comfiest seat on the planet
  • All KloudSacs come with lifetime of comfort