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Foam filled classroom furniture

"No piece of furniture helps focus our student's attention like our KloudSacs."
Supersub in Classroom
"We purchased a large number for our senior school. The students love them, we call the expression students get when they set in them the KloudSac smile. The teachers like them too. One student described it as feeling like they were getting a big warm hug, which is a pretty nice thing if a student is having one of those days."
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Make learning fun again, with KloudSac

School environments and learning spaces are changing. Beautiful, functional open learning spaces are a fantastic alternative to traditional smaller sized classrooms. What better way to utilise these spaces than with flexible furniture designed for practicality and comfort.

Introducing Kloudsac – functional, unique and practical furniture, designed specifically for open learning and functional learning areas.

Why are Kloudsac’s so good in these areas? Their design fits the needs of educational spaces perfectly. They can be moved and shaped to change the look and use of any room in a manner or seconds. Fun, super comfortable and flexible, the same sac used for a grade 1 reading group, is also the perfect work station for a high school student, or students working on tablets.

Available in 7 different sizes to meet any room requirement, and with over 25 covers to choose from, introducing a KloudSac to your school environment help students relax, and learning fun.

KloudSac vs. traditional bean bags

KloudSac’s are pre-filled with foam. No messy beans!
10 year warranty on our Premium grade shredded Foam filling, to never go completely flat.
All covers have a 3 year warranty against any manufacturer defect.
Foam filled KloudSac’s are noise free, soft, mouldable and pliable.
The Sac moulds, supports, and provides an incredible stable, upright seat for the student.
An inner foam case allows the sensory outer cover to be removed, washed and replaced.
Multiple styles, sizes and fabrics are available to suit your unique learning environment.

What do teachers think of KloudSac?

"We’re very lucky in our room that we have a huge KloudSac, because the kids can all sit together when we’re doing our open learning. We can be sitting around the bean bag and sharing our activities in a nice small group.

It’s very flexible. We can pick it up and move it around the room, or allow small groups to use it for guided reading. It’s super comfortable and we love it."
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Primary Schools

Transform your primary school learning space into a modern, functional educational area. Kloudsacs can be utilised within specific areas, or shifted around a collaborative open space to change its look and function in a manner or seconds.

  • Libraries
  • Floor based activities
  • Collaborative learning areas
  • Tablet areas
  • Reading group spaces
  • Chill out areas
  • Brain storming groups
  • Team work pods
  • A casual classroom
Primary School Children
Urban KloudSac
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Secondary Schools

Leading organisations (Inc. Google & Apple), universities and innovative high schools are all moving in one common direction. Towards fun, comfy and relaxed collaborative spaces. Our KloudSac’s help you transform traditional spaces into modern, functional and vibrant educational areas. Kloudsac’s are the perfect piece of furnishing for forward thinking Secondary Schools.

  • WiFi & tablet areas
  • Common room spaces
  • Breakout areas
  • Chill out spaces
  • Quiet areas
  • Library areas
flexible learning


How colleagues work and collaborate within business environments is changing dramatically. Therefore the way students are taught should change to reflect the environment they will work in. Both technological advances and extensive research has pushed leading organisations to build unique work spaces and revolutionise work environments. These fun, casual, relaxed spaces are great for universities too.

  • WiFi & tablet areas
  • Common room spaces
  • Breakout areas
  • Chill out spaces
  • Quiet areas
  • Library areas
  • Student accomodation
  • Casual tutorial rooms
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Super easy to setup

KloudSac’s ship small and require just a bit of work to get them to full size. Believe it or not, this is actually fun!

First break up the foam with your hands and let the sac start to expand. After 24 hours it will have expanded to almost full but will become even more fluffy if thrown, punched and jumped on. See… fun!

School educator FAQ

  • Can we buy additional covers?

    Yes, additional covers are available to purchase separately. This is a great idea to enable a change of cover with the seasons – faux fur in winter and outdoor fabric for summer. It is also beneficial when washing a cover so that any individual with additional needs is not without the use of their Kloud while the cover is in the wash. Click here to browse our collection of covers.

  • Can we wash the covers?

    Yes, all KloudSac covers, even the faux fur covers are washable. Our covers are made from durable, hard-wearing and stain resistant fabrics. Most of the time spot cleaning will be more than adequate to remove a dirty spot or mark on your cover. However, there will be times when you may need to give your KloudSac cover a full wash.
    It’s easy to wash your KloudSac cover in a washing machine. Using a small amount of mild liquid detergent only, set your cycle to a gentle cold wash, and only use a gentle spin dry cycle. Then simply remove your cover from the washing machine and hang it out to drip dry. We recommend covers being line dried in the shade after washing. Please do not tumble dry, as this can damage the cover.

    For a more in-depth guide to cleaning your KloudSac cover please click here.

  • How do I know how much delivery will cost?

    Delivery is an additional cost to your KloudSac order. We endeavour to keep costs as low as possible, however, you will need to factor this into the overall cost of your Kloud, especially when applying for funding.
    Each foam filled KloudSac product page has a ‘Calculate Shipping Costs’ button for your convenience, so you don’t have to go through the process of checking out to calculate the cost of your Kloud.

  • How is my KloudSac delivered?

    As much as we would love to deliver your foam filled KloudSac assembled (fluffed up) as pictured on our website, unfortunately it isn’t.

    Instead, each KloudSac will be delivered to you at approximately 1/4 its assembled size. I know…. Amazing! The thousands of individual Foam pieces contained within the innersac are compressed down via a huge industrial grade vacuum, that removes as much air as possible from each and every piece of foam. This compressed foam filling then allows us to easily ship the KloudSac to you.

    In the majority of cases, your KloudSac will be delivered to you as one package. This will include the cardboard box containing the innersac with foam inside it, and the cover of your choice contained in a white satchel bag that is taped to the box. In cases where multiple KloudSac’s are ordered, all covers will be sent together in a separate box.

  • What if we don't need the foam filling and prefer a bean filled bean bag?

    We also sell a wide range of Bean Bags. It is important to note that you will need to purchase and fill these with polystyrene beans yourself.
    Our range of Bean Bags include the same faux fur covers which are available for the foam filled Klouds and have the same sensory tactile benefits.

  • It's arrived! How do I set it up?

    The setup process is really easy and one of those times where a quick video explains it so much better than we ever could…

    Watch Video

  • Is a foam filled KloudSac tough enough to handle my student's rough play?

    Although we don’t recommend a KloudSac for jumping on, the double stitching, heavy duty zips and shock absorbency nature of foam will tolerate a fair amount of ‘roughness’. We have been around since 2009, and considering we also supply KloudSac’s to schools, they have well and truly been tried and tested during this time

    Individuals who crave and seek out deep pressure will jump and bounce off anything to receive the input they require, however, from our experience, they will also appreciate the constant pressure and proprioceptive feedback they receive from sitting and laying on their Kloud.

  • Do KloudSacs come with a warranty?

    Absolutely! We are so confident of our KloudSac quality, that we give a 3 year warranty on our covers against faults in the seams and zippers, and a 10 year warranty that our foam will never go completely flat.

    Established in 2009, we appreciate you placing your trust in our product, so we back your investment with this great warranty.

    For a more in depth guide to this warranty, please visit our warranty page.

  • Is there a smell from the foam filling of a KloudSac?
    I am a so called subtitle.

    You may notice a smell from the foam filling when you first open your KloudSac. This is normal. It is not unlike the ‘new car or new carpet’ smell you get from any newly manufactured materials. This will dissipate once the plastic wrapping is removed and you begin the fluffing process. It generally takes anywhere from 1-4 days depending on how often you ‘fluff and flip’ your Kloud to aerate it. Putting on the cover and using the Kloud during this time will also help.

  • Do KloudSacs comply with Australian standards?

    Yes. Providing you with a safe product is of extreme importance to us.

    Every KloudSac zipper is fitted with a child safety lock, which means the zip can’t be opened without the use of a paperclip or similar instrument. This replaces the zipper tab which can no longer be supplied as part of zipper itself. As part of this regulation, we can’t supply you with a paperclip, so please make sure that you have one to help open and close your cover/s.

    Regulation tags and warning labels that conform to Australian requirements are also part of every KloudSac manufactured.

Recommended products

Click on your favourite KloudSac below to learn more, customise or order for your school. Alternatively please contact our team by email at [email protected] to learn more about each individual product and create a customised solution for your teaching environment.
Kids KloudSac

Kids Kloud (S)

  • Up to 2 primary students
  • 1 secondary student
  • 1 university student
Urban KloudSac in Classroom

Urban Kloud (M)

  • Up to 4 primary students
  • Up to 2 secondary students
  • 1-2 university students

Mondo Kloud (L)

  • Up to 6 primary students
  • Up to 4 secondary students
  • 2-3 university students
Grande Sac Cover

Grande Kloud (XL)

  • Up to 6 primary students
  • Up to 4 secondary students
  • 2-3 university students
Supersub in Classroom

SuperSub Kloud

  • 4-6 primary students
  • 2-4 secondary students
  • 2-3 university students
Pillow KloudSac at University

3 in 1 Hammock

  • 4-10 primary students
  • 4-6 secondary students
  • 2-4 university students
Lounge Cover

Lounge Kloud (XXL)

  • Up to 10 primary students
  • Up to 8 secondary students
  • 3-4 university students

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Schools love using KloudSacs in the classroom

"I just bought a medium foam filled Kloudsac for my school library. The students absolutely love it. I feel like the Kloudsac has magical properties as even my most reluctant student works for a full period when they are sitting in it. The comfort and support is very sensual and offers students a calming environment which is a real winner. The high density foam means that the Kloudsac is more chair like than a traditional beanbag. The Kloudsac is perfect for both working and lounging or just curling up with a good book. I will definitely be buying more!"
Coomera Anglican College