Designer Foam Filled Bean Bags

My son loves it!
Can’t believe it fitted into a box for delivery and postage.

Merrilyn W.

Great product. Versatile for sitting upright or laying back & watching movies or playing video games.

Cara M.

Not only does it look amazing and vibrant in the playroom, best of all, it’s super comfy!

Debra H.

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Why Try A Foam Filled KloudSac Over A Bean Bag?

Australian owned and operated, customers love the comfort and versatility offered by our range of foam filled sacs. See what all the fuss is about. Purchase your own piece of luxury, and join the growing KloudSac family.

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KloudSac is an Australian owned and operated foam filled and traditional bean bag company that is dedicated to providing the coolest, most unique, alternative and comfortable furniture on the planet! Kloudsac is not just another furniture company, or a retailer of bleak and bland designs – all KloudSac products is unique to the market, as well as being fun, vibrant and charismatic (yes we just called our furniture charismatic, but once you’ve experienced Kloudsac comfort you’ll run out of amazing descriptions for them too!). The fact is, if you want a boring, uncomfortable sofa, a cheap bean bag that will last 2 weeks or a single arm chair that lacks functionality and never gets used, visit another store. If your after furniture and accessories that compliment every room, that people race home too to make sure they get a seat on, that your friends and family rave about, that gives any room, in any home or corporate environment absolute WOW factor, whilst also having the peace of mind of it being made with highest quality materials and craftsmanship – then you have come to the right store. Be part of the Kloudsac bean bags furniture revolution.

Kloudsac’s ‘Sac’s’ – the furniture that has put KloudSac on the map, are essentially huge, massively over-sized bean bags. However instead of being filled with traditional polystyrene beans, our KloudSacs and accessories come full of DreamFoam – a blend of shredded, premium sofa grade foam. DreamFoam is recycled from brand new foam off-cuts, once we have tonnes and tonnes of our specially sourced foam, we shred it down into our secret mix of millions of small pieces (roughly the size of a golf ball), and then put it inside the Innersac of your KloudSac Foam filled bean bags. KloudSac DreamFoam filling makes your KloudSac far more resilient than traditional bean fillings. Your Sac comes full and says full – no more expensive top ups and refills, Your sac will not make noise like traditional beans crunching together every time you move; But most important is the comfort, unrivaled, pure, comfort.  DreamFoam does not push to the sides and wreck seams and zips like old style beans, instead compacting around and supporting your body weight perfectly! Every KloudSac comes with a high quality durable Innersac, pre-filled with the foam filling, and an outer cover made with premium fabrics that are soft, vibrant and warm, whilst also being hard wearing. Having two covers allows your outer cover to be removed, washed, and interchanged with other covers – without foam going everywhere! And whilst you’re thinking ‘how on earth do I get this thing delivered?’ – Well, we have that covered too. We shrink and compact all KloudSacs to about one quarter of their natural size, then put them in an easy to carry duffel bag – this allows even our biggest sac to fit into the standard car!

Our Sac’s come in many different sizes and shapes. The Lounger KloudSac is the Flagship in our range of premium foam filled Sacs. At an incredible 2m length, and 1.2m width, the lounger will be the talking point of anyone visiting your cinema room, man-cave, corporate space, or large lounge room. Able to seat 4 people or more, this is the ultimate!  Mondo KloudSac is our second largest Sac, 5ft in diameter, and whilst it comfortably sits 2 adults, it’s unbeatable when used as a single seater. Next is the Urban KloudSac, slightly smaller than the Mondo coming in at 4ft, it’s ideal for a single adults, 2 if you want to be snug, and is the perfect option if you’re a little tighter for space. Below the Urban is our Single KloudSac. Perfect for children and teens, whilst also providing a great casual seat in any adult setting. Visit our store to see even more of our extensive range. There is a sac (or sacs!) to suit any room; TV rooms, lounge rooms, bedrooms, home cinema areas, Man-caves and entertaining areas you name it – we’ve furnished it! And not just home settings either. KloudSacs are ideal in corporate areas as big and small businesses move from traditional environments to more casual and collaborative spaces. Causal seating in spaces such as Wi-Fi areas, think tank rooms, casual meeting areas, staff chill out spaces and even reception and waiting areas are just a few of the spaces KloudSac’s are being utilised at a corporate level.

Kloudsac also provide a great range of accessories, from our OttoSac’s that allow you to put your feet up, head rests that support your head on a KloudSac, throw cushions and Foot Pockets Throw Rugs, everything we do is not only unique and functional, but incredible cool and comfy! At KloudSac we pride ourselves on first class customer service with a major focus on customer satisfaction. For all your KloudSac enquiries please use the contact us form and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you.

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