Bag2Bed Cover

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Surprise! There's a
"Products are great!
Plus they take a huge battering."
Janine Allis
"I just discovered Bag2Bed and find them perfect for modern casual indoor/outdoor living."
Shaynna Blaze

What size is right for you?

Double B2B

Queen size

Queen B2B

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King B2B

How to setup your new bean bag... or bed!

Bean Bag to Bed

  1. Unzip the cover all the way
  2. Remove cover completely
  3. Lay bed flat
  4. Flip three times to release foam

Bed to Bean Bag

  1. Gather opposite corners
  2. Slide cover over one end
  3. Place other corner inside bag
  4. Zip completely to close bag

Bean Bag to Bed

Bed to Bean Bag

Welcome to KloudSac’s newest product, the Bag2Bed

The Bag2Bed is the evolution of the KloudSac foam bag that has dominated the Australian market since its inception in 2009. Responding to the increased demand of multipurpose furniture in smaller houses and living areas, the Bag2Bed fits the purpose of being a comfortable pod during the day, that can transform to a mattress as needed.

Unlike the traditional shape of the existing KloudSac foam bag range, the Bag2Bed foam bag is shaped liked a mattress. The comfort of our special proprietary blend of shredded foam is still maintained in the tough fabric liner casing of the Bag2Bed. This mattress shaped foam bag is then folded and placed inside the Australian made Warwick fabric covers on offer for the Bag2Bed range, converting your mattress back into a comfortable pod for relaxing.

This versatility is why Bag2Bed has found its way into holiday homes, luxury apartments, ski lodges, student accommodation, media rooms, family guest rooms and living areas.

Whether you are cuddling up to a loved one in front of the fire, reading the latest novel or accommodating an influx of guests for sleepovers, with 4 sizes available, there is a Bag2Bed to suit all your needs

Bag2Bed in the press

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