Sensory Foam Filled

Therapeutic, safe & comforting foam filled sacs for children with special needs requiring deep pressure.

Autism Bean Bag

"Our KloudSac is everything at our place; gathering place, cuddle place, playing cars place, flips place, jumping place, relaxing place, meltdown place...even sometimes sleeping place. Best investment ever for our home."
- Kloud Lounge owner -

As you choose furnishings for your child, teenager or an adult with additional needs, in your home and/or their classroom, it's important to think of their sensory needs, personal preferences, classroom needs and safety. KloudSac provides a totally unique product that positively impacts on the well being of individuals with additional needs.

KloudSacs are recommended and purchased by Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Schools (including Special Development and Specialist Schools), Respite Centres, Disability Providers and Early Intervention Organisations.

Machine Washable Covers
Available in durable faux fur, velvet, linen & outdoor fabrics.

Strong Inner Liner
Breathable, durable, tough.

Premium Foam Blend
Our top grade blend of shredded foam creates crazy comfort.

Cut down

Double Stitched Seams
For extra strength and durability.

Heavy Duty Zippers
Industrial zips, manufactured without tabs to Australian standards.

Washable covers

Machine Washable Covers
Available in durable faux fur, velvet, linen & outdoor fabrics.


Premium Foam Blend
Our top grade blend of shredded foam creates crazy comfort.

Inner liner

Strong Inner Liner
Breathable, durable, tough.

Double stitched

Double Stitched Seams
For extra strength and durability.


Heavy Duty Zippers
Industrial zips, manufactured without tabs to Australian standards.

KloudSac Stimulates Deep Touch Pressure To Help...

Why Are KloudSac's Therapeutic?

The therapeutic high density foam filling provides proprioceptive (deep pressure) sensory input, to calm the nervous system, help self-regulate emotions, curb challenging behaviours and have an organising effect for many individuals.

The KloudSac foam filled therapy stimulates deep touch pressure on the body's joints and muscles which provides sensory input to calm individuals who experience stress and anxiety.

The reason a KloudSac works so well is because it provides constant, even pressure. Many individuals with additional needs show dramatic improvement in their ability to sit still and concentrate on tasks when using their Kloud.

One child said, it feels like they are getting a big hug from the Kloud!

Toby on his KloudSac
Xavi on his KloudSac

Who Will Benefit From A KloudSac?

KloudSacs have assisted with, and become integral to the therapy needs of children, teenagers and adults with many different additional needs - including those with:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Down Syndrome
  • Rett Syndrome (RTT)
  • Fragile X Syndrome
  • Angelman Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia

Choosing A Size

As a rule, the larger the KloudSac size the greater deep pressure therapy received, however, you need to consider the room size and budget.

Our most popular size Kloud is the Mondo (large). This size is suitable for an adult, will allow for a child's future growth, and can easily accommodate two people sitting comfortably together for activities including reading, watching TV or just cuddling.

Available sizes

Choosing A Cover

It is also important to consider the KloudSac cover fabric, as this will provide tactile sensory input. Our most popular sensory fabrics are the Faux Furs and velvets. All KloudSac covers can be removed for washing, and additional covers can be purchased separately.

The foam filled therapeutic goodness of your KloudSac will not be of beneficial, if you don’t like how it feels. This is why we post out free fabric samples. It is important to establish a sensory preference towards a KloudSac cover fabric, before making your purchase.

Super Easy To Setup

KloudSac's ship small and require just a bit of work to get them to full size. Believe it or not, this is actually fun!

First break up the foam with your hands and let the sac start to expand. After 24 hours it will have expanded to almost full but will become even more fluffy if thrown, punched and jumped on. See... fun!

Are KloudSac’s approved for NDIS funding?

Although we are not a registered NDIS provider, KloudSac's can be purchased through the NDIS. Purchases of a KloudSac are dependant on how your plan has been established. If unsure, please discuss this with your Plan Manager or relevant NDIS contact.

KloudSacs can be purchased upon recommendation from registered therapists, plan managers and support co-ordinators. Families who are self-managing their fund, can purchase directly from us.

For those who are plan managed, please complete our 'request a quote' form below, so that we can provide you with a quote / invoice for your chosen KloudSac. If agency managed, please contact us, and we can refer you to a KloudSac NDIS approved stockist, who can assist you with your KloudSac purchase.

Thousands of families have successfully used their NDIS funding to purchase their KloudSac, and we love to hear of the positive impact this has had on the individual and family unit.

Funding Information For Carers

Ask your Therapist if proprioceptive (deep touch pressure) therapy is part of your child's sensory profile. With your Therapist's recommendation, you may be eligible to purchase a KloudSac through funding, such as HCWA, Better Start or the NDIS.

Children who are currently supported and funded through Department of Social Services (DSS) (previously FaHCSIA - Families, Housing, Community Services & Indigenous Affairs) being Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) and Better Start will gradually transition to the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme).

Unlike HCWA and Better Start, the NDIS provides support that can continue through to adulthood. Support under the NDIS is based on each participant’s individual needs and goals.

One way on how a KloudSac may be funded in your NDIS plan, can be found at the following link:

Although we are not a registered NDIS provider, KloudSacs are an approved purchase by the NDIA.

Resources that have been assessed by a registered service provider as being integral to the participants individual therapy needs, may be purchased with NDIA funding. It must also be taken into consideration if the participants plan allows for the purchase, and that it's relative to the goals set as part of their plan.

One way on how a KloudSac may be funded in your NDIS plan, can be found at the following link:

There are many ways to access a participants funding. Whether you are a registered provider assisting in processing the individual’s resource request, a participant who is agency managed, you have a plan manager or are self-managing your plan, we can accommodate your preferred method of order processing with either of these two ways:

  1. WEBSITE: Some therapists, disability organisations and families prefer to order and pay online via our website. You may pay for your order through our many payment options or opt for bank transfer to pay later. An invoice will be automatically generated and emailed to you (check your junk folder as it sometimes ends up there!).
  2. EMAIL: To assist participants to access a KloudSac through funding we can email an invoice without you having to access our website. These invoices can then be submitted along with your funding application. Email or call us to discuss your needs and provide the information you require on your invoice.

Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT):

Autism Victoria (Amaze):

Autism Association of Western Australia:

Autism Association of Queensland:

Autism Aspergers ACT/Marymead Autism Centre:

Autism Northern Territory:

Autism Tasmania:

Autism Association of South Australia:

Autism NSW:

Autism Awareness Australia:

Australian Autism Alliance:

Due to the increasing demand for KloudSac within the special needs community, we are proud to introduce and welcome Libby to our team. Yeah Libby!

Having worked for a number of years with special needs children, Libby is a well respected and knowledgeable member of this community. She is well aware of the benefits a Kloudsac can provide.

Whether you are an parent looking for information, an Occupational Therapist, a school, or an organisation looking for Special Needs Aids, Libby is always here to answer your questions.

"Best purchase I’ve made in a long time. The cover especially feels beautiful. I have a child with special needs and this product is incredibly soothing, comforting and calming for her. Definitely a winner! Anyone would love it."
- Faux Fur Mondo owner -

Classroom Resource

Considering a School Sensory Room, Well Being Room, or Classroom Resource? Incorporating a foam filled KloudSac is the perfect furniture choice. The foam filling in a KloudSac, together with our range of sensory covers, helps students to relax and regulate their emotions.

Best of all sitting in a Kloud is just good fun. You can't help but smile when you first sink into the foam and experience its comfort. Try it, and let your students be the judge!

Special Needs FAQ

Yes, additional covers are available to purchase separately. This is a great idea to enable a change of cover with the seasons - faux fur in winter and outdoor fabric for summer. It is also beneficial when washing a cover so that any individual with additional needs is not without the use of their Kloud while the cover is in the wash. Click here to browse our collection of covers.

Yes, all KloudSac covers, even the faux fur covers are washable. Our covers are made from durable, hard-wearing and stain resistant fabrics. Most of the time spot cleaning will be more than adequate to remove a dirty spot or mark on your cover. However, there will be times when you may need to give your KloudSac cover a full wash.
It's easy to wash your KloudSac cover in a washing machine. Using a small amount of mild liquid detergent only, set your cycle to a gentle cold wash, and only use a gentle spin dry cycle. Then simply remove your cover from the washing machine and hang it out to drip dry. We recommend covers being line dried in the shade after washing. Please do not tumble dry, as this can damage the cover.

For a more in-depth guide to cleaning your KloudSac cover please click here.

Delivery is an additional cost to your KloudSac order. We endeavour to keep costs as low as possible, however, you will need to factor this into the overall cost of your Kloud, especially when applying for funding.
Each foam filled KloudSac product page has a ‘Calculate Shipping Costs’ button for your convenience, so you don’t have to go through the process of checking out to calculate the cost of your Kloud.

As much as we would love to deliver your foam filled KloudSac assembled (fluffed up) as pictured on our website, unfortunately it isn't.

Instead, each KloudSac will be delivered to you at approximately 1/4 its assembled size. I know.... Amazing! The thousands of individual Dream Foam pieces contained within the innersac are compressed down via a huge industrial grade vacuum, that removes as much air as possible from each and every piece of foam. This compressed foam filling then allows us to easily ship the KloudSac to you.

In the majority of cases, your KloudSac will be delivered to you as one package. This will include the cardboard box containing the innersac with foam inside it, and the cover of your choice contained in a white satchel bag that is taped to the box. In cases where multiple KloudSac's are ordered, all covers will be sent together in a separate box.

We also sell a wide range of Bean Bags. It is important to note that you will need to purchase and fill these with polystyrene beans yourself.
Our range of Bean Bags include the same faux fur covers which are available for the foam filled Klouds and have the same sensory tactile benefits.

The setup process is really easy and one of those times where a quick video explains it so much better than we ever could...

Although we don't recommend a KloudSac for jumping on, the double stitching, heavy duty zips and shock absorbency nature of foam will tolerate a fair amount of 'roughness'. We have been around since 2009, and considering we also supply KloudSac's to schools, they have well and truly been tried and tested during this time

Individuals who crave and seek out deep pressure will jump and bounce off anything to receive the input they require, however, from our experience, they will also appreciate the constant pressure and proprioceptive feedback they receive from sitting and laying on their Kloud.

If you purchase a KloudSac for your child, you may find they don't sink into it enough to provide maximum proprioceptive sensory benefit.

To ensure the child sinks into the foam, we recommend an adult sitting in it first to create a mould. You can then push in the sides of the Kloud to cocoon them.

If you feel they are still not sinking in enough, foam can be removed to adjust to their weight and personal comfort preference. We recommend this for children using our larger KloudSac's, as the innersac's are prefilled to accommodate the weight of an adult also.

It can be a little messy, so we recommend never allowing a child to come in contact with the foam, as it is dangerous if inhaled. This excess foam can be placed in a vacuum sealed bag purchased from a large retailer such as Target or Big W, then used to top up your Kloud at a later stage as the child increases in weight and size.

It is important to protect the foam inside your Kloud from any fluids. For this reason, you can purchase a ‘Waterproof cover’, which can be easily zipped on and off for washing. This is a separate cover that zips over the inner sac containing the foam. Your outer cover of choice then zips over this protective cover. This protective cover prevents spills and fluids from penetrating though your outer cover, thought to the foam within the innersac. You therefore have the peace of mind knowing your foam is protected, whilst still enjoy the sensory feeling and comfort of your favourite KloudSac fabric.

The KloudSac 'Waterproof cover' is presented as an option to purchase, on each respective KloudSac product page, beneath the fabric swatches. When you are ordering your KloudSac online, simply select this, and it will be added to your order. Alternatively, if we are preparing an invoice for to submit to your funding organisation, make sure to request this option for our staff to include on your invoice.

Absolutely! We are so confident of our KloudSac quality, that we give a 3 year warranty on our covers against faults in the seams and zippers, and a 10 year warranty that our foam will never go completely flat.

Established in 2009, we appreciate you placing your trust in our product, so we back your investment with this great warranty.

For a more in depth guide to this warranty, please visit our warranty page.

You may notice a smell from the foam filling when you first open your KloudSac. This is normal. It is not unlike the 'new car or new carpet' smell you get from any newly manufactured materials. This will dissipate once the plastic wrapping is removed and you begin the fluffing process. It generally takes about 3-4 days depending on how often you 'fluff and flip' your Kloud to aerate it. Putting on the cover and using the Kloud during this time will also help.

Yes. Providing you with a safe product is of extreme importance to us.

Every KloudSac zipper is fitted with a child safety lock, which means the zip can't be opened without the use of a paperclip or similar instrument. This replaces the zipper tab which can no longer be supplied as part of zipper itself. As part of this regulation, we can't supply you with a paperclip, so please make sure that you have one to help open and close your cover/s.

Regulation tags and warning labels that conform to Australian requirements are also part of every KloudSac manufactured.

Real Reviews From The Special Needs Community

I bought this for my little boy, who has an asd. We have had regular beanbags before, but the noise of the beans in the bag put him off. Since the first day we had the Kloudsac, I'd find him huddled away in it having a peaceful time out. This has created a wonderful comfy get away for him.


September, 2017

Best purchase I’ve made in a long time. The cover especially feels beautiful. I have a child with special needs and this product is incredibly soothing, comforting and calming for her. Definitely a winner! Anyone would love it.


October, 2018

The Kloudsac is fantastic. I got one for my ASD/ADHD son. He loves it and sits in it to read and rest. The foam cocoons him in a big hug and he can relax and be calm. Highly recommend these for everyone. I love it too and when he lets me (lol), I get sit in it

Better Than A Bean Bag

Mel Y - May 2018

Best thing ever for my little man on the ASD spectrum. Fabulous.

Best Thing Ever!

Michelle H – June 2017

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