Sensory Foam Filled KloudSacs

Theraputic, safe & comforting foam filled bean bag furniture for children with special needs requiring deep pressure.

Special Needs Bean Bags


autism bean bag

What exactly is a kloudsac foam filled bean bag?

A KloudSac essentially looks like an over-sized bean bag; however that’s where the similarities end.

Instead of a polystyrene bean filling, Kloudsac’s come pre-filled with our shredded, premium sofa grade foam called Dreamfoam. This foam filling is what makes Kloudsac’s so amazing.

  • They come full, and never need regular refilling like a bean bag after 3-6 months use.
  • The shredded foam filling makes the Kloudsac’s noise free, soft, mouldable and pliable. 
  • Shredded Foam filling moulds around, perfectly supports and provides an incredible stable, upright seat for the user. Unlike bean bags where you sit on top of the bag, a KloudSac absorbs your bodyweight so that you sink into it. It is a refreshing, calming way to relax!
  • An inner bag holds the foam, allowing for the outer cover to be removed and washed.
  • Multiple styles, sizes and fabric covers to suit your needs.


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Why use KloudSac's with autistic / asperger's / rett syndrome / cerebral palsy / angelman syndrome adults or children

As you choose furnishings for your child with Autism, Aspergers, Cerebral Palsy, Rett Syndrome or Angelman Syndrome in your home and/or their classroom, it is important to think of your childs sensory needs, personal preferences, classroom needs, and their safety.

KloudSac provides a totally unique product that positively impacts on the therapeutical needs of children and adults with these conditions. Kloudsacs are already used in hundreds of Special Development Schools, Mainstream Schools, Care Facilities and homes around Australia.

No piece of furniture ticks all the boxes like KloudSacs, in particular when it comes to focusing attention and providing a safe, comfortable and safe space for your child to learn and grow.

Not only do Kloudsacs come with Occupational Therapist approval, they also come with government approval.

KloudSacs are so useful that we were approached by the Department of Social Services, to provide our fantastic furnishings for access to those using ‘Better Start’ and ‘Helping Children with Autism’ funding.

Therapeutic benefits of using a soft, supportive foam filled KloudSac include;

A piece of furniture that can be used by all family members! Families love the KloudSac because it looks like a piece of furniture that can be placed proudly around the house, and not an equipment aid that you can be tempted to place out of sight!

Who benefits from the use of foam filled KloudSac bean bags furnishings?

Kloudsac’s have assisted with, and become integral to, the therapy needs of children, teenagers and adults with special needs – in particularly, those with autism, aspergers, angelman syndrome, cerebral palsy and rett syndrome.

Benefits include:

  • Stimulates the nervous system with soft and sensory feeling.
  • Deep pressure for calming sensation and focusing.
  • Provides a safe, stable and study environment.
  • Holds the user upright, and fully supportive, or allows them to be comfortable when laying down.
  • Flexible furnishing that can be easily moved around the house or classroom.

Our Foam Filled Sac Range




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From: $439.00$417.05

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Unit 2/4 Carbine Way, Mornington, Vic, 3931 or phone Libby: 0407 096 922

Is there funding available?

Funding for KloudSac Foam Filled Bean Bags
Many therapists & Disability Centres recommend KloudSacs, making the ability to get a KloudSac to your home or centre an easy process.Simply have a chat with your Childs School or Occupational Therapist to ascertain what funding is available, and how this can be applied for.

KloudSac Specialty Staff
Due to the increasing demand for our KloudSac range of products within the special needs community, we are now proud to introduce and welcome Libby to our team. Yeah Libby!
Having worked for a number of years with special needs children, Libby is a well respected and knowledgeable member of this community. She is well aware of the benefits a Kloudsac can provide.
Whether you are an parent looking for information, an Occupational Therapist, a Specialist school, or an organisation looking for Special Needs Aids, Libby is always here willing to answer your questions, and point you in the right direction to help you purchase your KloudSac.

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