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Google beanbags

What do Apple, Google and many other leading companies all have in common? Comfortable seating areas.

In the past 10 years leading business’s, back by cutting edge research have moved away from traditional work place environments, to provide their employee’s with more casual and less formal spaces that encourage a great emphasis on team work, fostering new ideas and increasing employee well being.

KloudSac has worked closely with many business’s to transform traditional board meeting areas into more casual seating spaces, providing furnishings for ‘creative think tank’ rooms, chill-out zones within existing corporate areas, brainstorming spaces, casual meeting spaces, employee areas, tablet spaces, team-working spaces and countless other unique areas within the corporate setting. 100% of these firms have come back to us in the following weeks and months, raving about increased work ethic, employee esteem, job enjoyment and improvement in team work. 

There are many reasons Foam Filled KloudSacs work so well in corporate areas. All our Sacs come full of shredded premium grade sofa foam. This ensures that your KloudSacs will NEVER go flat, eliminating expensive bean fills AND re-fills.

Providing back support, and raised comfort seating, its easy to see why KloudSac foam filled furniture is fast becoming the new, relaxed way to fit out your corporate office space. Your staff and customers will love you for it !


bean bag brand hire

There is no limit to what we can do for your organisation. From the furnishing of your chill out areas, to creating bean bags with full colour logos. Your exhibition or event has just created a wow factor! Just contact us, and see how KloudSac can help your business.

Custom Branded Foam Filled KloudSacs

Attention Marketing and brand Managers! Branded premium quality soft furniture is powerful advertising that will ensure your company stands out! I

Imagine having your Company Logo and Colours displayed across unique, functional and comfy furniture that has real WOW factor. The huge buzz  and feel good factor that will be created when people sit down on the comfiest and coolest piece of furniture on the planet, and then directly link that feeling to your company and your brand. The peace of mind knowing that your representing your company through high quality, unique soft furniture – not throw away, tacky and cheap traditional bean bags.

Imagine walking into a room that has premium designer seats all branded in your companies colours and logos, then being able to re-use these seats again, and again, never having to worry about annoying and time consuming re-fills, or the bags ever going flat!

How cool would company events and the company show room be with customised KloudSacs.

Over Sized Bean BagsCustom branded Foam Filled KloudSacs will provide your company and brand with great visual impact. They will also provide great brand retention and long-lingering good will that your target market will associate with the amazing comfort and uniqueness of our KloudSacs for years to come.

With vast experience in both the marketing industry and  Soft-furniture and textiles industries, you can feel assured that we will take meticulous care of your brand from start, to finish. We use only the highest quality materials and fabrics  – and never settle for second best.

Order information

We take orders from as small as 1, to as large as 100 Foam Filled KloudSacs. We have a fantastic range of existing colours and fabrics that you can choose from, ready to go with your corporate logo, embroidered or printed.

We can also work closely with design teams and brand managers to make custom KloudSacs; with custom fabrics in custom pan-tones and special finishing touches if the quantities are large enough to warrant. Our professional and friendly service, combined with our experience in the market will ensure that you will get something that is right for your type of event, showroom, festival or marketing campaign. The only limit is your imagination (and budget!).


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