Tutorial: Bean Bag Foam Filling Information & Benefits

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What is DreamFoam?

At Kloudsac we take pride in everything we do, making sure, then making sure again that all materials and craftsmanship that goes into our products is the very best. This is why, when filling our Kloudsac’s, we only ever use our very own DreamFoam. Like Kernel Sanders 11 herbs and spices, we cannot reveal the true ingredients of our foam, we can however say that all Kloudsac’s come with 3 different types of polyurethane foam – all with slightly different densities and flexibility. This is what gives Kloudsac’s superior comfort, durability and quality.
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Why Foam over traditional Beans fillings?

Putting beans in bean bags is so 2010. We all know the bean bag buying drill. Buying a bean bag, then searching everywhere for beans, then wondering exactly how much filling you’ll need, then getting home and realising you have brought enough, then struggling to get the beans actually in the bean bag, then beans going flat after a month or two, then having to re-fill your beans then… well we could go on, but we won’t.

Traditional bean bags present many problems, from noise, to going flat, to actually not being that comfortable. Kloudsac’s are not only much larger than traditional bean bags, they come pre-filled with shredded foam (12-25 kilos worth depending, all pieces about the size of a golf ball), but not just any kind of foam, DreamFoam. Being foam filled, and pre-filled, when you get your Kloudsac, you don’t have to run around looking for a filling, it’s already full! And it will NEVER go flat, ever – This means no expensive top-ups. DreamFoam Filling also means no noise, far less wear and tear on bags, and most importantly, serious, serious comfort. All our bean bags and dog beds also come with inner safety zips so you dont need to worry about the inner bag opening up and the foam escaping like that old bean bag mess you are most likely used to.

An additional benefit of our Foam Filling is that it all foam comes pre-filled in an innersac. This means your outer cover is removable, Washable and inter-changeable. Yes, we too remember the days when to wash a bean bag you had to remove all the beans and they would go everywhere, and we are glad they’re behind us!

Living wise the foam makes any movie experience perfect viewing as you wont have the annoying bean noise every time you move an inch, same with in your lounge room or any kids playroom or bedroom.

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