Why Over-Sized Bean Bags are Awesome!

Giant Bean Bags              

Giant, Huge, over-sized foam-filled bean bags! Have you heard of anything better, because we certainly haven’t! KloudSacs Mondo Sac is one of the largest bean bags on the planet! And our custom, made to order 8ft Kloudsac Lounger – that is definitely the biggest bean bag on the planet, hands down. One of our motto’s at KloudSac HQ is ‘Bigger is Better’, and once you sit on our over-sized foam-filled bean bag chairs you will know why. However, if you haven’t had the amazing experience of sitting out our over-sized bean bags, the following are a few reasons as to why an over-sized foam filled bean bag will rock your socks off!

Large Bean Bag ChairThe Size: Our over-sized bean bag chairs are big. Our Urban Kloudsac is the size of a single seater lounge, our Mondo Kloudsac is between the size of a single lounge and a double, and our 8ft Custom Lounger is the size of a 3 person lounge! But hang on! Welcome to the Grande sized KloudSac. The most recent Kloudsac to our range measures 180cm in diameter approximately, and is our largest circular sac.

Gone are the days when bean bags were so small you’d bit hitting the ground when sitting in them, and spending more time worrying about not moving and having all the beans shift around. Over-sized KloudSac bean bag chairs will encase your entire body, fully supporting you as you sit. They are also able to seat numerous adults comfortably (1-2 on the Urban, 2 on the Mondo, 2-3 on the Grande, and  3-6 on the Lounger). With over-sizing our Kloudsac Beanbags, we’ve created cool, functional, designer furniture that doesn’t just look good, but is so damn comfy!

The Different Ways they can be Used: Whether is Saturday night football, Entertaining guests, watching movies in a cinema space or media room, relaxing with a loved one or having a snooze on a Sunday afternoon, we’ve got you covered. Our huge KloudSacs will have you, your loved ones and your guest sitting up, off the ground, in supported, unique and very comfy seating that will make your house, and your furniture the envy of everyone.

No Beans!!: Absolutely not – and definitely the coolest feature of our Gigantic Kloudsacs. Everyone used to love polystyrene bean filled bean bag chairs, but not that many people wanted to admit that they weren’t that comfortable. The idea was great, but no one didn’t anything to further develop the Bean Bag for 50 years, and the product just didn’t perform. Kloudsacs large, foam-filled bean bag chairs are pre-stuffed with Shredded Foam, a premium grade foam filling that ensures your KloudSac will be the most comfortable thing you’ll ever own. Traditional beans flatten very quickly, and leave you with a flat, sad looking bean bag. Our premium shredded foam maintains is bounce forever, so no expensive top-ups, and no sad looking furniture – you’ve got a Beanbag chair for life.

Not only does the foam provide comfort, but also safety for your family. It won’t burst and put beans everywhere, and it’s noise free, so no loud crunching no more!


Over Sized Bean BagsOver-Sized Value: KloudSacs are made with the finest quality and most premium materials, from our premium shredded foam filling, to our durable and superior outer covers, when we do something, we do it properly. Whichever way you look at it, KloudSac’s are extremely cost effective. When compared to a single seater or double seater lounge, starting at $479 Kloudsacs come in at half the price of your standard lounge, and more importantly – twice the comfort. When comparing a Kloudsac  bean bag to a traditional bean bag, the savings are also massive. To start with, it’s almost impossible to find a bean bag cover even half the size of our Mondo Kloudsac, and if you do, you’ll be paying upwards of $250 just for the cover! Then you have to spend a fortune on beans  – $250-$300 – and take the time to fill your bean bag. Once this is done, you have about 3-6 months before your beans start going flat, and pressure they put on your bean bag cover starts to strain and wear at the seams and zips. Your bean bag will last 12 months and cost you $550 for initially setting it up – A LOT more when you take into account re-fills and bean top-ups. A Mondo KloudSac will cost roughly the same as a traditional bean bag filled with beans initially, however, the savings in the long run are amazing. It’s a one off cost, no need for re-fills or expensive top ups, your Kloudsac never goes flat, and most importantly, you’ll be sitting on a Kloud of foam, not 5 kilos of tiny little uncomfortable beans! Not only do we provide superior quality, pricing and comfort – we back these up with warranties and guarantee’s – giving you peace of mind with any purchase you make.


Consumers all across Australia are calling over-sized KloudSac bean bag chairs the most comfortable furniture for ultimate relaxation.The shredded premium foam used by KloudSac is considered the highest quality foam available on the market; ensuring you long lasting comfort for years to come. It’s time to change the way you relax, and experience the extreme comfort of KloudSac today.


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