Tutorial: How to change or remove your bean bag cover

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So the time has come to change the style, color or fabric of your KloudSac bean bag outer cover, or maybe you just want to give it a quick wash to freshen it up after a few to many hours of KloudSac comfort. Removing your KloudSac outer cover to either wash, or interchange with a new cover is easy, and only takes a few seconds. If your looking to update your KloudSac outer cover,  head to the KloudSac online store, where you can purchase any of our awesome outer covers individually. No matter what style, colors or fabric you are after, we’ll have one, two or even three covers to match any decor! So grab a new KloudSac bean bag cover today.


Step 1.

Locate the outer cover zip tags by lifting the protective zip flap up around the circumference of your KloudSac.

 bean bag zip

Step 2.

Once zip tags have been located, carefully unzip your KloudSac cover by pulling the zip tag from one side of the bag to the other.


Step 3.

After your KloudSac has been fully unzipped, proceed to then remove the outer cover.


Step 4.

You have successfully taken your KloudSac cover off! If you now wish to wash your bag, modify firmness or purchase new outer cover you can follow the links as provided below.


–          Wash your KloudSac

–          Purchase new KloudSac cover


Step 5.

If you have a new cover for your KloudSac or to put your washed KloudSac cover back on follow the next few steps.

Align the part of the cover that does not zip up with the inner bag zip.


Step 6.

Carefully zip up the bag by rolling the bag as you zip around your KloudSac. Once you have completely zipped your outer cover back up, fold down the protective zip flap.


Step 7.

Sit down, relax and rest your feet and enjoy the amazing comfort of your KloudSac!

 Child mondo blue foam bean bag

For further information regarding to the individual products please look at the individual product pages below.


If you have anymore questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact the KloudSac team.



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