Tutorial: Modify Bean Bag Firmness & Comfort

modify bean bag firmness

 So you are the proud owner of one, or many KloudSacs’, and you want to change the firmness of your bag! Whether it’s a Mondo, Urban, Single or any other of our great Sac’s changing a Kloudsac’s firmness is very simple and easy, however there is a little care that is involved. Follow the next few steps and soon enough you’ll be relaxing in the pure comfort level you desire.


Adding or removing of foam from you KloudSac should only be done by adults, and in a well-ventilated area. KloudSac recommends wearing a safety breathing mask to ensure no inhalation of any of the small foam pieces.

WARNING: Small Lightweight pieces of foam Present a Severe Danger to Children if Swallowed or Inhaled.

More information on KloudSac safety, terms & conditions can be found here.


Step 1.

You will need to remove your KloudSac cover, click the link for more detailed description of removing KloudSac covers if needed.

–          Remove your KloudSac cover


Step 2.

Now that you have removed the outer cover and are in a well-ventilated area, you can open up your Innersac and start the foam removal process. Remember, KloudSac’s are delivered to you full and firm – we like to slightly over-full our Sac’s as it’s much easier to remove excess foam than to head out and source extra foam! Before moving onto the next step, you will need to grab a paper clip or safety pin, and a large garbage bag.

dust masksafety pingarbage bag


Step 3.

InnerSac zips are child proofed. Insert your paper clip or safety pin into the hole in the side of the zipper head, and gently slide open the zip. If the zipper does not open, don’t panic -re-insert your paperclip or pin and try again. Forcing of the zip by hand or using any other implement other than prescribed method will void the guarantee. All zips are checked at time of manufacture. With your garbage bag ready, using your hands, slowly remove the desired amount of foam. It is recommended you remove 1kg of foam at a time, whilst continually testing your KloudSac firmness level.


bean bag zip


Step 4.

Once you have adjusted your KloudSac to the perfect firmness you can now zip up the bag. Using the paperclip, ensure the InnerSac is zipped up completely. Once this is down, put your outer cover back on your InnerSac and sit down, relax and enjoy your KloudSac!

 contact image


Step 5.

We recommend that once the foam removal process has finished and excess foam in placed in a garbage bag secure the bag and place it somewhere safe. To best secure your garbage bag we suggest you place another garbage bag over the top, and secure it with masking tape. Holding onto removed foam will allow you to adjust your KloudSac’s firmness in the future.

 bag foam bean bag


For further information regarding to the individual products please look at the individual product pages below.


If you have anymore questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact the KloudSac team.



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