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All leading business’s and companies, including Apple, Google and Samsung are doing the same thing within their organisational employee areas. Following continual research into enhancing workplace productivity, companies are changing the way they do things, creating fun, unique, cool and less formal spaces such as casual meeting spaces, breakout areas, and chill-out areas for their employees to work in, and relax in. These areas are not only great as unique areas for teams to work in; they are also relaxing spaces that foster new ideas and innovations, and flexible spaces to have team meetings. A more unique and flexible approach to employee spaces is proven to increase employee work ethic, job happiness and employee attitudes. Kloudsac can help companies and businesses create these environments.

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Why do KloudSac Bean Bags work so well in Corporate settings?

  • There is many reasons KloudSac Bean Bags work so well in corporate areas.
  • KloudSac’s come full of shredded premium grade sofa foam. This ensures that your KloudSac will NEVER go flat (eliminating expensive bean fills AND re-fills)
  • KloudSac’s, with their foam filling, are noise-free, unlike traditional bean bags.
  • KloudSac’s are over-sized. This, with the foam filling, provides maximum back support, whilst sitting persons in an off the ground position – unlike bean bags where you are essentially sitting on the ground.
  • KloudSac’s can be moved easily, allowing a business to transfer any space (e.g. From a bigger casual meeting space into a space split into work group pods)
  • They are a unique, functional, and fun furnishing that every business can benefit from.

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What areas are KloudSac’s best suited to?

There is no one area that is best suited to KloudSac furnishings. The truth is almost any space can be better utilised with the use of KloudSac’s. We have worked closely with business’s to change traditional board meeting spaces into more casual, less formal areas. We have created new spaces within existing corporate areas, such as ‘creative think tank’ areas and rooms, chill-out spaces, break out areas and team-work spaces. Companies have utilised KloudSac’s when implementing Wi-Fi spaces and tablet areas. KloudSac’s have been place in disused spaces and corners, to provide more alternative seating for employee’s to work and collaborate.

Whatever the space, whatever the business, adding KloudSac’s into your corporate environment will only have positive effects on your business – From work ethic, to improved team work, to the employee esteem.. and ultimately, your businesses bottom line.

If your serious about making some positive changes in your workplace, get in touch with a KloudSac team member and learn how we can help.




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