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School environments and learning spaces have undergone massive changes in the past decade. Out have gone old school portables, and classrooms with 4 walls and a blackboard, and in has come large open learning spaces, learning pods, tablet areas, and functional learning spaces. What better way to utilize these spaces than with furniture that is actually designed for such spaces – not old fashioned tables and chairs painted in bright colours, that lack functionality and dull these learning areas. Let me introduce to you Kloudsac – functional, unique and practical furnishings that are designed specifically for open learning and functional learning areas. Not only are Kloudsacs designed for these areas, the allow these spaces to prosper.  Your probably wondering why Kloudsac’s are so good in these areas. Well, put simply, they fit the needs to such spaces perfectly. They can be moved and shaped to change the look and use of any room in a manner or seconds, they are fun, comfy and so flexible. The same bag that is used for a reading group for a group of grade 1 students is also the perfect work station for a high school student working on a tablet, or engaging with a team or small learning group.

KloudSac provide foam filled bean bag chair furniture to schools at a great price. Gone are the days of the old bean bags in schools that go flat, explode, have that annoying noise that frustrates any teacher. Kloudsacs are over-sized and much larger than traditional bean bags. This provides great support to students posture, as well providing a great space for students to work by themselves, but also in pairs and small groups. Kloudsac’s unique shredded foam filling means that your Kloudsac will come full, and stay full – we guarantee it.

We have Kloudsacs in over 250+ High schools, Primary schools, SDS schools, Tafes and Universities  around Australia, with that number growing every week.

Our Kloudsac school range consists of 3 different types of foam filled bean bags; Klouds, Super Subs and Pillows. Further descriptions of each style are listed below.

The school range consist of 3 different type of foam filled bean bags Super Subs & KloudSacs, descriptions of each are listed below. We also cater for younger students with our Pillow range which can be found on our dedicated school website.

Super Subs



The Super Sub is the ideal and most flexible KloudSac foam filled bean bag that we make, with its unique shape, light weight and ease to move around into many different shapes, Super Subs provide an excellent flexible learning space whether it be in a classroom, gymnasium or even outdoors. Super Subs can seat 1-4 (or 8 back to back) students depending on size and year level of students.

Size: Approx 5 foot (150cm) length

Price: Contact us for a Quote

– Up to 10 prep students
– Up to 8 year six students
– Up to 4 year twelve students

Additional Information:
– Canvas covers Only
– Outer cover removable with separate inner casing the contains the foam



Mondo KloudSac

The Mondo KloudSac Bean Bag is the perfect addition to any schools open spaces, with the ability to seat anywhere from 1-8 students depending on year level, the Mondo provides the perfect cooperative open learning space for any school classroom, open space, break out area, library or other school space. Mondo’s work even better placed with other Mondo’s. By easily moving Kloudsac’s around the learning space teachers can create large, or small learning pods and working areas.

Size: Approx 5 foot (150cm) width

Price: Contact us for a Quote

– Up to 10 prep students
– Up to 8 year six students
– Up to 4 year twelve students

Additional Information:
– Velour or Canvas covers available
– Outer cover removable with separate inner casing the contains the foam


Urban KloudSac


The Urban KloudSac Bean Bag is just a little smaller than its big brother the Mondo, making it a great addition for schools that may have a little less space – or those that wish to have more individual working spaces. Still providing the great support for students its great for reading areas, I-Pad and tablet use, or just a quite area to reward students with.

Size: Approx 4 foot (120cm) width

Price: Contact us for a Quote

– Up to 8 prep students
– Up to 5 year six students
– Up to 3 year twelve students

Additional Information:
– Velour or Canvas covers availible
– Outer cover removable with seperate inner casing the contains the foam


Single KloudSac

single bean bag schools

The Single Kloud is aimed at the younger school year levels, being significantly smaller than the two larger versions its much more suitable for smaller students. Perfect for prep to year two levels the Single Kloud can provide a warm and safe seating option for those in the younger levels that can be overwhelmed at times.

Size: Approx 3 foot

Price: Contact us for a Quote

– Up to 5 prep students
– Up to 3 year six students
– Up to 2 year twelve students

Additional Information:
– Velour cover only available
– Outer cover removable with separate inner casing the contains the foam


For further information regarding to the individual products please look at the individual product pages below.


If you have anymore questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact the KloudSac team.



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