Foam-Filled Kloudsac Bean Bags For Tablet Areas In Business And Corporate Settings

Why Kloudsac Foam-Filled Bean Bags Work So Well Tablet spaces in Business and Corporate Spaces

Kloudsac Tablet Use

It’s no secret; the world is in the midst of a technological revolution.  Computers have changed the way we do everything in our lives, from shopping, to visiting the doctor, to getting directions and almost more than anything, the way we do business. Most ‘Technology experts’ believe that within 6 years, laptops as we know them will be extinct, and if you are under the age of 14, you will never over a laptop of desktop computer. We are quick
ly moving into the age of the ‘Tablet’ – mobile computers that exist as a single unit, where a touch screen replaces the need for a keyboard or a mouse. These tablets are having a profound influence on how businesses, corporations and the people within them learn, interact, and carry out daily tasks. The follow on effect of the tablet revolution has been a change in the layout, and furnishings within a business’s headquarters. Gone now are structured desks, cubicles and corner offices, with almost all leading businesses providing open, collaborative, and functional work spaces; computer stations where employees stand, soft furnished areas for employees to interact, share ideas and work in teams, cool and fun staff spaces.


This shift in thinking has seen a meteoric rise of the Kloudsac Foam Filled Bean Bags within business spaces. Not one single piece of furniture on the planet is more suited to the Tablet. And not one single piece of furniture on the planet is more suited to the more casual, open plan, interactive working environments that businesses are moving towards.

Kloudsac Business Space

We often get approached by businesses and get asked the same question. ‘We are looking to create new spaces within our headquarters, what spaces are Kloudsacs best suited to?’ The answer? Pick a space, and it will benefit a few, or many Kloudsacs. Breakout spaces, Think tank rooms, Team work spaces, Wi-Fi areas, Chill Out spaces, Casual meeting areas – we even re furnished a company boardroom! They were after a more comfortable and relaxed space to do business, so we got rid of their boring boardroom setting, and filled the room with Urban Kloudsacs – and they are loving it (who can blame them?!).

So Why Do KloudSacs Work So Well?

Unlike lounges, Kloudsacs are flexible: Want a Big team meeting space, put them in a circle, want to work in smaller teams, shift them into small groups of 3 or 4, want a quiet space to work on your tablet device, move your KloudSac into a quiet corner. You can transform any space in a matter of seconds.

They are professional and ‘mature’: Traditional bean bags are cheap, noisy, and will make your workplace look like a child care centre. Kloudsacs are oversized, and full of premium shredded foam. This ensures they are aesthetically pleasing on the eye, looking full and firm at all times.  It also means they won’t make any noise like traditional beans, and they will never ever go flat or need re-filled.

They are comfortable: And not just a little bit comfortable. Incredibly comfortable. The foam filling provides perfect back and postural support, sitting you in a perfect, upright position, from which you can work on your Tablet and interact with your peers.

They Create a Great Vibe: Kloudsacs are cool, its undeniable. They are fun, comfy and perfect for creating positive working environments. Happy employees are productive employees (most of the time!)


Find out how you can get some Kloudsac Love into your business spaces and contact the KloudSac team right now!




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