Kloudsac Foam-filled Bean Bags for Christmas – The Perfect Present for any Male, Big or Small!

Kloudsacs for Christmas – The Perfect present for any Male, big or small!

Christmas Presents for MalesEvery year at about this time, we all start to wonder what to get out loved ones for Christmas, and every year, most of us have absolutely no idea on what to actually buy them! Will it be a few t-shirts they’ll probably never wear? Or some cologne that they’ll pretend to like? Take the hassle out of buying your husband, boyfriend, son, father, friend, or even your uncle the right Christmas present this year and get them their very own Kloudsac! It just might be the best present they’ll ever get!

Every man on this planet has room for a Kloudsac in their life, think about it, what male wouldn’t want a giant, over-sized, comfy, foam-filled bean bag to sit on, sleep on, watch TV on – or just sit and do manly things! KloudSacs are the gift that keeps giving, when he comes home from a stressful day at work, it’ll be there to comfort him, when he needs a comfy place to watch sport, it will be there to hold him and when you want to get him out of your hair for a few hours, it will be there to love him!

Just like boys, Kloudsacs come in many sizes and shapes. The largest is our Mondo, which is 5ft in diameter, and whilst it can comfortably fit two adults, there is nothing like spreading and enjoying it all for yourself! One size down from the Mondo is our Urban Kloudsac. The Urban is 4ft in diameter, and the perfect single seater for any adult. Just as comfy as its big brother the Mondo, the Urban is ideal for spaces that may be a little smaller, and is extra amazing when you pair it up with a few other Mondos or Urbans to create the perfect chill out space imaginable! The smallest of our round Kloudsacs is the Single. At 3 and a half foot in diameter, the single will fit perfectly in any sized space, and is perfect for teenagers and smaller adults! The newest Kloudsac to our range is the Gamer Kloudsac. As the name suggests, it has been designed with gaming in mind, however it’s perfect for watching TV, or chilling with a Tablet device or laptop. The gamer can be sat in two ways, sit it upright and you’ve got an amazingly comfortable chair the will support you perfectly, or lay it down and you have yourself a huge, over-sized foam filled pillow to relax on.

Bean Bags for ChristmasKloudsacs premium foam filling never goes flat, and our durable outer covers are thick and strong – we’ve made them completely Man-Proof! But we do know that boys will be boys, and things can get a little messy sometimes. This is why Kloudsac has developed dual cover technology. When you buy a Kloudsac you get two covers. An InnerSac that comes pre-filled full of our amazing DreamFoam, and an outer cover, that can be removed, washed, and interchanged with other covers in a matter of seconds! All of our outer covers are washable, and all are made with a Poly-blend, making them non-absorbent, hard wearing, and very easy to clean.

So treat the man in your life this Christmas, and get him a Kloudsac.


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