Create a Man Cave with Bean Bags

A Man Cave, also commonly known as a Manspace, Mantuary or a Manland is a Male sanctuary, dedicated to the man of the house’s own pursuits. Almost all men dream of having their very own “man cave” – a place where men can get away from it all, relax, and enjoy Manly things, like playing video games, darts, making (wrecking) things, or simply enjoying a beer with ones fellow man and sharing stories on sporting achievements and the opposite sex. Some Man caves take up a room in the home, while for others are situated in the garage or basement. No matter what size it is, the most important thing is that it is comfortable, functional for its needs, and you get to hang whatever the damn hell you want on the walls!

 man cave bean bag

Work out where your Man Cave is going to go

The first mountain to climb when looking to create a mantuary is to figure out exactly where it will be. If you have a spare room in your home, then it can be as easy as cleaning it out and using that. If you’re looking at using the spare bedroom, home office, or one of the kids rooms, then we wish you luck.

If there is no space in the home, then turn your attention to spaces outside of the home, like the garage or even a tool shed.

Black Mondo Bean Bag


Get the right furnishings and accessories for your Man Cave

Now you’ve cleaned out your space, and painted over the soft pink walls with a Manly grey or dark blue, its time to furnish it. Whats a man cave, with out some man chairs? A place for the man to sit, ponder life, and be a man. Kloudsac’s are a great choice for Man cave chairs. Full of shredded foam, they are a chair, sofa, bean bag and bed in one. Our best suited Kloudsac’s to a Man cave are the Mondo Kloudsac, and the Urban Kloudsac. The Mondo is slightly bigger, and if you have the space, there is nothing more manly than putting 2-3 Man sized Mondo’s into your room. If your looking to be a little more flexible with your furnishings, or have a slightly smaller space, then you need to furnishing your Man dwelling with a few Urban Kloudsacs. The Perfect size for one man to sit back and relax. There is no reason why you can have a mix of Mondo’s and Urbans, it’s a Man cave, and a mixture of the two is a very Manly choice.

The benefit of Kloudsac’s over traditional furnishing bean bags and sofa lounges is;

  • Comfort: They far more comfortable than sofas and bean filled bean bag chairs
  • Functionality: They are functional and can be moved around a room or space with ease
  • Price: They are cheaper than a sofa – however they are fair better when it comes to comfort and quality
  • Price: They are roughly the same price as bean bags of similar size, however you don’t have to pay to fill your Kloudsac, it comes full of premium shredded foam,so it stays full,  it will never go flat so you don’ thave expensive refills, it won’t make any noise unlike bean filled bags, and the foam filling ensures that there is no wear and tear on your Kloudsacs seams and zips  – unlike traditional bean fillings that push to the sides when you sit down and wreck your bag in a matter of months, Kloudsac foam will simply compact, and support your body weight perfectly, time after time after time.

Now you’ve chosen your chairs, it’s time to furnish the rest of your Man Land. A small table will suffice for some, others may need a larger table for crafts or to work with tools. Get a big screen TV, the bigger the better, a sound system, a computer and internet access, a video game console and chuck is much sports memorabilia on the walls that will fit. Don’t forget to put lots of cool gadgets as well as some quality reading materials into your cave – a man can never have too many gadgets.


Keeping your Man Cave clean

Nothing screams Man Cave more than a hand held vacuum cleaner on the wall. This lets you clean your manly mess without alerting the lady of the house that you have created a mess on the first place – very smart idea. It’s also a good idea to give your Kloudsac’s a clean from time to time. This can be done by using a warm cloth and wiping any spots that need cleaning, or simply removing the outer cover and chucking it in the wash.


A man cave is not just a special part of a man’s home, but also his life – so treat yourself to the comfiest and coolest furniture on the market. Quality, durable, unbreakable Man sized foam filled bean bag chairs – a must for any Man Cave.


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