Ideas On How To Furnish Your Cinema Space With Kloudsac Bean Bag Chairs

Furnish Your Cinema Space with the Comfiest Foam Filled Bean Bags on the Planet

Cineam Bean Bag Large

Extra-large TV’s and extra loud sound systems – How about some Extra Large, Extra comfy, Extra Cool furniture to compliment your cinema, lounge, or media space! It’s important to the team at Kloudsac that you watch a movie with your partner, family, or even by yourself in true comfort. The Kloudsac foam-filled bean bag range allows you, your friends and your family to sit back and relax in the comfiest and coolest piece of furniture on the planet, without compromising on style, and even more importantly, without breaking the bank!

Kloudsac’ have furnished many commercial Movie cinemas around Australia, as well as suppling Kloudsacs to Marketing leading Radio stations who are premiering new TV shows to their listeners, and leading businesses, how are looking for the coolest and comfiest way to treat their employee’s to the newest release movies. The reason why they are so popular? They are fun, different, comfy, and they just work. To put it simply, no piece of furniture on the market, compliments, or is better suited to a cinema/media space than Kloudsacs. Kloudsacs premium shredded foam filling sits its users at the perfect level, with perfect support for the entire body, including the neck. The foam filling distributes around the users body evenly, meaning that you want be shifting your weight every 15 minutes are your bum gets sore! Our high quality, thick fabrics are soft and warm – making them perfect to cuddle into, and the foam filling ensures that your Kloudsac will be noise free -No annoying crunching beans every time you move in the slightest!

Cinema Sofa Chair

Traditional seating for cinema spaces is very structured, and in-flexible – not to mention those leather cinema seats are so very very tacky (and incredibly uncomfortable). Filling a space with Kloudsacs will allow you to change the space around – depending on how and by who it is being used. Do you want to open up a bit of space for the kids to bring their blankets in and relax? Are you and yo

ur friends having a movie night and after a more traditional lay out? Turning your cinema/media space into a gaming arena and needing a space where the gamers are up the front, with the crowd sitting behind. Anything is possible with Kloudsac.

So what’s the best way to set up your space? Every space is different, some are bigger, some are smaller – and they all come in different shapes. The good thing about Kloudsacs is they are flexible, so if you’re not sure order what you think might suit, then you can move them around the space and find a set up that works for you. If you’re really not sure, then get in touch with the team at Kloudsac and we’ll talk you through the process. Most people do get a mix. A few Mondo’s – the perfect single seater, but easily seating 2-3 Adults; A sprinkling of Urbans; the ideal seat for one adult, or a couple of kids; and some Singles – perfect for the little ones.

Make your cinema/media space Gold Class, not no class – and contact the KloudSac team today.


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