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KloudSac Bean Bags

KloudSac vs Traditional Bean bags

Kloudsac’s well and truly kick the butts of traditional bean bags. We guarantee once you sit on a Kloudsac you’ll never look at those small, dirty, uncomfortable traditional bean bags again. To show you how much better Kloudsac’s are, the Kloudsac team identified 5 key measurables for both foam sac’s and bean bags. We then evaluated and tested both a Kloudsac and a traditional bean bag in each area.. The results are below!


Comfort: KloudSac’s come pre-filled with premium shredded DreamFoam, a secret mix of 4 different types of sofa grade foam. Our DreamFoam filling is soft, but supportive, perfectly moulding into the contours of your body, no matter how you sit, slouch or lay into your KloudSac. Kloudsac is called Kloudsac because you literally feel like you’re sitting into a cloud. Unlike traditional polystyrene beans, once you’re sitting on a Kloudsac you don’t have to worry about slightly moving your body, and your seat becoming instantly uncomfortable. No matter how many times you twist, turn and change positions, our dream foam will continue to support and shape into your body. We all know the routine, you’re on a bean bag, you move to grab a controller or a drink and then bang, the beans have shifted and now you have to get up, shake the bean bag, re-adjust everything and then sit back down hoping it will be slightly comfortable again, it’s is so annoying!

As a customer said in an email to us the other day, ‘Once you go Kloudsac, you’ll never go back’.


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Durability: When it comes to the durability of a Kloudsac and a bean bag, they are 2 areas that need to be looked out, The outer cover (fabrics, seams and zips) and the filling.

Kloudsac’s are made to last, we don’t just say it, we guarantee it. Unlike traditional bean bags, built with flimsy materials that fray and rip after only a few months, Kloudsac’s are built with premium high quality sofa grade fabrics, with all our outer covers double backed with a high quality poly-mesh. This double backing means your covers will never stretch and wear, and your cover is thick, giving the fabric a nice loft and ensuring that they will never look flimsy and sad. These fabrics and our quality craftsmanship ensure that out bags stay as good looking as they are comfortable. On our sac’s we use the highest quality zips, and double-over locking stitching. It’s this detail to quality which means our bags don’t split, and our zips never break.

Our premium DreamFoam filling is guaranteed to stay full and fluffy for life, so there’s no need for expensive top ups and re-fills like you have with traditional bean fillings – bean fillings that go flat after only a few months. A soft foam filling in your bag is also the main contributor to our outer cover durability. In traditional bean bags, when you are sitting on your bag, your body weight push’s beans to the side, putting a lot of tension and wear into the seams and zips causing rips and breaks. Foam filling when sat on compacts instead of pushing to the sides – this protects your covers from wear and tear.


Noise: Move to the left.. CRUNCH! Reach for the remote.. CRUNCH! The most annoying thing about polystyrene bean fillings is that every time you move, even just slightly, you get that annoying bean crunching sound. A friend of ours had a home cinema set up with a few bean bags. However whenever we would watch movies, all you would hear the whole time was CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH! It was horrible. With a DreamFoam filling there is not noise. When you shift your weight, our foam compacts and supports, instead of 2000 small beans moving and shifting around in the bag. This eliminates all noise. So now our friend, with her new KloudSac filled cinema room can now watch movies in peace! And you can read a book, work on a tablet or Ipad, or even have a snooze, without worrying about getting disturbed every time you shift your weight slightly. Amazing huh!


KloudSac Bean Bag Foam Filling


Care: Caring for traditional bean bags is oh so painful! 9 times out of 10 bean bag care involves putting your old bean bag in the bin and going out and buying a new one. Then you get the 10% of people who are brave enough to try and re-fill a bean bag, and spend hours cleaning up spilt beans. What if you spill something out your bean bag cover? Forget cleaning it, where are you going to put all those beans when your cover is in the washing machine?

Cleaning and Caring for your Kloudsac is so much easier. Our outer covers are removable, as all your foam is in an Innersac (an inner bag) that is placed inside your outer cover. This means that your Kloudsac cover can be easily removed and washed as often as you would like without beans or foam going everywhere. All out covers are made with a poly-blend. This provides extra stain resistance and increased washability. As our fabrics are non-absorbent most of the time a warm cloth will wipe away any spillages without the need for a full machine wash. Did we mention that out fabrics are static proof? This means that pet hair, grass cutting and all those other little nuisances will not stick to your out cover, and if you do have a cat that takes a liking to your Kloudsac, their fur will brush straight off.


Functionality: Bean bags are bean bags, they sit close to the ground, they are usually a little grotty, and are only really sat on once all the couches and other chairs are taken. Kloudsac’s, being over-sized and foam filled, are always the most popular seating choice. Being over-sized and foam filled they sit you off the ground, and support you. They don’t just sit one person either, our KloudSac’s sit 2, 3 or even 4 people.. COMFORTABLY! People always ask us, what room do you think they would be best in? The answer is all rooms. From Bedrooms, to lounge rooms, to cinema rooms, to rumpus rooms, to chill out spaces, Kloudsac’s thrive anywhere! And they don’t just thrive at homes. People are putting Kloudsac’s in doctors surgery’s, business waiting rooms, schools, libraries, universities and corporate areas.

The most amazing function our Kloudsac’s has been in the Special needs and disability area. Over 70 special needs schools and care centres around Australia now have Kloudsac’s. The foam filling makes KloudSac’s the perfect seat for persons with Autism, Asperger’s, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Turrets and Cerebral Palsy. The foam filling provides a deep pressure, which provides focusing and calms children by stimulating the nervous system with a soft sensory feeling. They also provide a safe, stable and sturdy environment for persons to sit in. The feedback we get from the Special needs community is amazing, and it’s very rewarding for the Kloudsac team to provide a piece of furniture that helps and assists not only those with special needs but also their families and carers.


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Price: Traditional Bean bags are not cheap. These days you will pay upwards of $200 just for a small bean bag cover, then spend another $120 on filling it, that’s a total of a minimum of $320. There are some small bean bag covers out there that will set you back well over $500! Ridiculous we know. What you’re left with is a small uncomfortable piece of furniture with a life expectancy of about 6-8 months. By the time you fill, re-fill it and then throw out when it’s wrecked and buy a new bean bag your costs are upwards of $600 in just over a year.  Kloudsac’s are priced between $370 and $525. For this you’re getting a piece of furniture over 5 times the size of a normal bean bag, that comes pre-filled with premium DreamFoam, delivered to your door, with a life time warranty. Once you’ve got your KloudSac it will last forever, no re-fill, nothing! So you avoid all the on-going costs and time associated with owning traditional bean bags. Most importantly, you’ll be the envy of your family and friends. You’ll have the coolest, most unique, most comfortable piece of furniture on the planet.. We guarantee it!


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