Tutorial: KloudSac Bean Bag Chair Safety Information

kloudsac bean bag safety

At Kloudsac we take safety more seriously than we take comfort. All KloudSac bean bags and materials are tested to comply with strict safety codes of Australian and International standards. All KloudSacs come with both outer covers and Innersac bean bags tagged and clearly labelled with safety instructions, the same safety information is present on our complete pet range also.

We are strongly aware that KloudSacs can be dangerous for small children and pets alike, so take all precautions to make this product safe.






Never leave a child unattended on or around the bag, or allow a child to lay under a bag! This can result in serious or fatal injuries.

Do not jump on the bag; do not lie under the bag.

This product is not a flotation device. Don’t not put a Kloudsac in a pool, or any other body of water.

Keep your Kloudsac away from severe heat or fire at all times.

Do not eat Kloudsac DreamFoam or attempt to climb inside the inner cover, or the Innersac.

Improper use of this product in this and other ways may also cause injury or death.

For safety and care regarding to the washing and care of your bean bag follow the link.


All Kloudsacs are fitted with Safety Locking Zips.


Why is my KloudSac fitted with a Safety Locking Zip?


A safety zip is a zip that cannot be easily opened by small children. Small pieces of foam present a severe danger to children if swallowed or inhaled – this may result in choking or cause an airway obstruction.  Australia and the USA have passed a law that this is the standard required to keep children from opening a beanbag and eating the foam/beans.

Every Kloudsac ® bag has the highest quality YKK safety locking zips as standard, to guard against children accessing the internal shredded foam filling.


Accessing the Kloudsac Safety Zip


Please use a paper clip or a safety pin to open the zipper slider, by inserting under zip lock and lifting. Once lock catch is off, simply slide zip to open or close. For the safety of children, please ensure the clip is removed once closing the Innersac.




For further information regarding to the individual products please look at the individual product pages below.


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