Tutorial: 6 Great ways to use your Kloudsac Bean Bag



6 Great ways to use your Kloudsac bean bag!

Kloudsacs can be used in many different ways, in fact, the list is endless! Every day, we get contacted by people who have found even more new, great, unique and cool ways of using their Kloudsacs! To get you started on the road to Kloudsac comfort, we have decided to list 6 completely different, fun, and functional ways that you can use Kloudsacs; From at home, to educational spaces, to offices. Every space deserves a Kloudsac.

Sleep on your Kloudsac beanbag! Do you ever wake up with your neck hurting because of your pillow? Does your back hurt because your mattress is too hard? Well, get off your bed, and onto a Kloudsac. Kloudsacs premium shredded foam filling provides a stable, supportive place for you to rest your eyes when you’re just a little over your uncomfortable bed! The foam filling molds perfectly around your body, providing ideal back and lumbar support. Almost every person who sits on a Kloudsac for the first time says the same thing, ‘WOW, I could sleep on this’ – and, after hours and hours of sleep testing by the Kloudsac team we can firmly say.. They’re right!

Black Mondo Bean Bag

In a gaming room! Another great place to use Kloudsacs is in a gaming room, especially with children around! So many people play games, and spend half their time shifting their weight, changing their posture, trying to find get comfortable. Not only that, if you’re on a traditional bean filled bean bag, every time you shift your weight, not only will the sound of the crunching beans wreck your kill-streak, or force you into a bad monopoly deal, it will also ensure that you to get up, re-adjust your bean bag and then sit back down hoping it will be comfortable again. Gaming on a Kloudsac is bliss, you’ll be comfortable, and we guarantee your thumbs will get sore before your bum does!


Reading a book! Read a book on your Kloudsac – it’s truly amazing. Your mind can drift away with your book, without the annoyance of constant shuffling around to get comfortable that you get when sitting on a couch/laying in bed. Kloudsacs are completely functional and can be moved from room to room in ease, so sit in the sun on a beautiful day, or by the heater on a rainy day with ease.


Buy a bunch of them for an entertaining area! Get a bunch of Kloudsacs for your entertaining area! They are comfy, fun and flexible (and easily fit 2+ adults) – they can be easily moved around any space to create different lay-outs. Whether you’re having catch-up drinks, watching a movie, or playing a game, Kloudsacs are the perfect furnishing for your space.

Fill your home cinema room! Cinema chairs are boring, and a little tacky. Not to mention they do not let you cuddle up close with a loved one, or sit with your children, with a bowl of popcorn watching your favourite film. And bean bags, well who wants to listen to the constant crunching of beans throughout the entire movie? (Not us!) Kloudsac’s look great, they are perfect for 1 adult, but comfortably sit 2-3, and their foam filling makes them noise free.. you provide the screen, we’ll provide the Kloudsac’s!

In an office! Office spaces are changing and evolving. Every leading business and company is creating cool and unique places for employee’s to work and collaborate with one another. Kloudsacs provide the perfect furnishing for breakout spaces, casual meeting spaces, WiFi areas, chill out spaces, Tablet areas: The list goes on! We also have many businesses that use our Kloudsacs in front of house areas, such as waiting rooms – you’ll never have a customer complain about waiting too long again!


Above is only a list of 6, however the possibilities are endless. Use your imagination, and enjoy the comfort and functionality of Kloudsac. Learn about the benefit of furnishing with KloudSac over a traditional bean bag.

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