Create Romantic Nights In With Your KloudSac

Use Your Foam-filled Kloudsac Bean Bag Chair To Create a Romantic Night In With Your Loved One

The world is so fast paced these days, most of us are doing 9 hours working days, spending hours commuting to and from work, then getting home, flicking on the TV and occasionally murmuring 2 or 3 words to our partner during the ad break… what happened to romance!! The biggest reason for a lack of romance in today’s modern world is a lack of time and energy, sitting in uncomfortable chairs all day, staring at a computer screen, feeling like everyone in the world is out to get you – we don’t blame you for getting home and being exhausted. What we can do for you though is help you inject a little romance back into you and your partners lives by providing a seat that allows you and your partner to comfortable sit together, relax, watch TV, have a chat – whatever you feel like doing – but in an intimate position.

Kloudsac Romance

Our Kloudsacs come full of a premium shredded foam filling, the benefits of this are plentiful, but when it comes to romance, there are a few that are more important than others!! If you’re sitting back with a glass of wine on a bean bag filled with a traditional bean filling and your partner sits down next to you, you’ll get bounced off the bag, as beans have very little give. On a Kloudsac, when you’re relaxing and your partner comes and sits next to you, the foam will compact and support them just as perfectly as its supporting you – you’ll barely even notice they have sitting down! If you do spill a drop of wine, that’s not an issue either. All Kloudsacs outer covers are made for Poly Blend fabrics, which makes them non-absorbent, and washable!

How annoying is it when you are sitting on a bean bag full of polystyrene balls and you move just slightly, but the slight move makes the bean bag feel like you’ve displaced every single bean in the bag – so up you get, to fluff then bean bag only to sit back down and have it all fall apart again. DreamFoam contorts to your body as you move, so it doesn’t matter how you’re sitting, or how many times you shift your weight, you and your partner never lose your comfy spot!

Cineam Bean Bag LargeKloudsacs DreamFoam technology also ensures that your Kloudsac will not make any noise, so when your reaching in for a cuddle, or moving your arm because it’s gone numb, NO annoying crunching beans – in fact, no noise at all! So next time you’re thinking about setting the mood, light some candles, get the chocolates ready, fluff up your Kloudsac and grab your favourite Rom-Com.. Cuddling up to your partner on your warm cosy Kloudsac and having a relaxing and romantic night is one of life’s simple pleasures. Just make sure you don’t fall asleep during the movie – Kloudsacs have the special power of putting those who sit in them into a deep, deep sleep.


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