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Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair (White)

The most luxurious seat in the house

  • soft polyester fabric
  • child proof safety zips
  • machine washable


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Available in 2 Sizes: L (90cm), XL (120cm)


Get your hands on this luxurious faux fur shaggy white bean bag cover

Also available in brown, black and multi-colour

No animals were harmed in the making of these beautiful white shaggy faux fur bean bag covers. They’re fake, just like all our other fabulous furs. But don’t let this fool you, these covers are luxurious and feel just like the real thing. Soft and comfortable, there’s no better faux fur on the market!

White shaggy fur is made of 100% polyester fibres, making our fur extremely stain resistant and durable. Just about anything will wash out of this fur, no matter the colour. All our fabrics are double backed onto a soft, high quality, no-stretch fabric which removes excess stretch while thickening and warming the fabric. Double backing this way also provides ‘great loft’, meaning your bean bag will never look sad, saggy or droopy!

This White Faux Fur will blend with any décor, particularly soft tones blacks, browns and reds.


  • The Shaggy pile is sourced from the best manufacturer for optimal feel and comfort.
  • Extra large 120cm size for maximum comfort (as pictured with book), or large 90cm (as pictured with model)
  • Child-safe locking zipper. No Pull tab in accordance with Australian Law. Simply use a paperclip to open.
  • Polyester fabric
  • Outer fur cover has a large zip around the base for easy removal.
  • Bean bag cover has a suede base to prevent the bag from sliding on tiles or floor boards.
  • Cover is machine washable on a cold gentle cycle.
  • Colour: White
  • Requires 500 – 600 Litres of beans for the 120cm, and 250-300 Litres of beans for the 90cm.
  • Complete with outer fur cover, and a seperate strong Inner liner for placing the beans into.
  • 2 year warranty

Note: Beans not included.


All bean bags are fitted with child proof safety locks without pull tabs. This is required by Australian Law. Australian Law also prevents us from providing customers with a paper clip or safety pin etc, to assist in the opening of the zipper. You will therefore be required to find such a tool to open and close the inner and outer bag covers.

KloudSac takes these laws seriously and we therefore hope you are not inconvenienced by the regulations. Further information about these regulations can be found by clicking here.


WARNING: Small lightweight foam pieces present a severe danger to children if swallowed or inhaled.

Not for infants under 3 years, Adult supervision required at all times. 


Velvet Covers
Not the same velvet you’ll find in your Nanna’s lounge room, this is a modern take on an olden day beauty. Developed with an 80/20 cotton/poly blend it provides increased durability as well as stain resistance and washability. The perfect fabric for those looking for a high end look that is easily maintained.

Linen Covers
Don’t let the softness fool you, our linen fabric is family friendly, extremely stain and abrasion resistant. The slate grey surface creates an interesting and sophisticated texture while the beige and charcoal are courser and ideal for harsher conditions.

Faux Fur Covers
Our faux fur is made of 100% polyester fibres and designed to look just like the real thing. It is extremely stain resistant and very durable. From our shaggy pile, to the very popular stone fur, we have an option that will look great in your home.

All Kloudsac fabrics are bonded with a soft, polyester mesh. This process adds extra durability to our covers, whilst also giving covers perfect body and loft.


• Size: 91cm wide x 70 cm tall
• Box Size: 50cm wide x 50cm tall
• Ships with 1 package of Dream Foam + 1 Cover
• Shipped Weight: 18kg
• Washable
• 10 year foam warranty
• 2 year cover warranty

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