Kloudsac Continue Our Support With Amaze – Austism Victoria

On Sunday the 7th of April 2013, Kloudsac continued our support of Amaze, the foundation supporting Autistic people and their families in Victoria. We have been putting our Kloudsac foam-filled bean bags into special needs areas for almost 4 years now. From schools, to care facilities, to homes, our therapist recommenced Kloudsacs provide a safe, stable and sturdy environment to sit in, whilst sitting the user upright. Most importantly though the premium and unique foam filling provides deep pressure, for calming and focusing, as well as stimulating the nervous system due to their soft and sensory feel.

The day started with a walk commencing at Alexandra Gardens, moving through south bank, and finishing at Birrarung Marr. With everyone wearing blue it was an amazing spectacle.

It was fantastic to see that everybody was wearing blue, and the sea of blue moved along Southbank, over the river and on to Birrarung Marr.

With a ban on balloons in the City of Melbourne, this year, they instead released 30 white doves to represent the struggle of individuals and families living with ASD. Talented young Melbourne singer/songwriter, Declan Sykes, counted down for the dove release and then entertained us with some of his own music.

To Support Amaze and Austism Victoria you can check out their facebook page and website!

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