KloudSac Dream Foam Filling

Learn About Dream Foam

bean-bag-shredded-foamOur Dream Foam filling is what makes KloudSacs different, and so incredibly amazing. We specially source the foam-off cuts and tailings from sofa chairs, mattresses and lounges, shred it into small pieces (roughly golf ball size) and then use it to fill our premium KloudSacs. The result? No bean noise, no re-fills or top ups and superior comfort. We call our foam filling Dream Foam. A secret mix of 4 different densities of foam, that when combined, causes anyone who sits into it to go into a sudden state of relaxation and happiness.

The benefits of Premium Dream Foam over traditional beans are almost endless, but for your benefit, we’ll try and list them all for you!

1. KloudSacs come Pre-filled with shredded foam, making them a one off purchase – no need to pay for a beanbag cover, then spend a fortune filling it.

2. KloudSacs never go flat – so no expensive top ups!

3. Our blend of foam doesn’t make any of the annoying noise that traditional beans make. In fact, it doesn’t make any noise at all (crunch, crunch, crunch no more!)

4. Dream foam moulds around, and supports your body weight. We guarantee you bum will never get sore!

5. Dream Foam will protect your KloudSac outer cover from wear and tear. Whereas sitting on beans forces them to spread and put strain on zips and seams, premium Dream Foam absorbs your body weight, so no wear and tear , and definitely no bean bag explosions! And the best part, when you get off your KloudSac, it pops straight back up.

6. KloudSacs are SO comfy. There’s no doubt in our minds it will be the comfiest piece of furniture you’ll ever purchase. It’s like sitting on a Kloud, that’s in a Sac.. KloudSac!