Learn about KloudSac Chair Sizes

KloudSacs come in many different sizes, shapes, fabrics and colours! We’ve designed our range to ensure that there is the right KloudSac to suit any room, space, décor and budget. Browse through our great range of KloudSacs below and find a Sac (or Sacs) that best suits you!

The Lounger KloudSac 8ft (X-Large)

The ideal size for three to four adults, the ultimate kids tv viewing pad, or somewhere just to lay down and relax, the Lounger Foam Filled KloudSac is a great piece of flexible furniture for rumpus rooms, cinema rooms, that large lounge area, or an awkward space that a lounge will just not fit. Designed to only have a low back rest, this newest piece of furniture to our KloudSac range, is unlike anything else on the Australian market. Join the growing list of proud Lounger owners, and create the ultimate wow factor. To shop Lounger Foam Filled KloudSac please follow this link

  • Seats 3-4 adultsLounge-Foam-Filled-Beanbag-300x300
  • 240cm long
  • 120cm wide
  • 70cm high
  • Prefilled with 38-40kg of Dream Foam
  • Comes with peace a of mind 10 year warranty.
  • The comfiest Lounge on the planet.



The Mondo KloudSac 5ft (Large)

Black Mondo Bean BagThe Mondo KloudSac Foam Filled Chair is our biggest and most popular KloudSac. It’s a great addition for any space, from lounge room’s, rumpus room’s, bedroom’s, home theatre’s and cinema’s, to retail spaces, corporate areas and schools – the Mondo will go anywhere. It is the perfect Sac for one person – you can stretch right out and relax – but there is also plenty of room to share your Mondo with others. The Mondo can seat 2 adults comfortably. All Mondo’s come pre-filled with 25kg’s our premium shredded Dream Foam, a secret mix of 4 different types of foam. Unlike traditional polystyrene beans, Dream Foam does not go flat, is noise free, and most importantly, it is so incredibly comfy! Replace an old bean bag, get rid of your old sofa, or that chair that no one uses, and treat yourself to the most unique, fun and comfortable piece of furniture on the planet!  To shop Mondo KloudSacs please follow this link.

  • Seats 1-3 adults
  • 150cm wide
  • 120 cm high
  • Prefilled with 25-28kg of DreamFoam
  • Comes with peace of mind 10 year warranty
  • The comfiest seat on the planet


The Urban KloudSac 4ft (Medium)

urban medium bean bag patioThe ideal size for one adult, or two if you want to get really close, the Urban KloudSac Foam Filled Chair is great for rooms or homes that may be a little tight on space, without compromising on the comfort level for the user! Its single arm chair sized, small enough to be tucked into any inner city apartment, or combine it with a couple more Urban KloudSacs and create the ultimate lounge space. Perfect for larger bedrooms, family rooms or media spaces,  the Urban is destined to be the favourite piece of furniture in any home. To shop Urban KloudSacs please follow this link

  • Seats 1-2 adults
  • 120cm wide
  • 90cm high
  • Prefilled with 20-22kg of Dream Foam
  • Comes with peace of mind 10 Year warranty
  • The comfiest seat on the planet


The Single KloudSac 3ft (Small)

The Single KloudSac is the smallest in our range of ‘round’ KloudSacs, but don’t let this fool you. The Single is still larger than most traditional bean bag chairs. Great for kids, small bedrooms, extra lounge seating, nurseries or playrooms. The single is also a fantastic gamer bean bag. Just be careful if you’re putting these in your children’s bedrooms. Sending them to their rooms when they’ve been naughty may actually turn into a treat for them! To shop Single KloudSacs please follow this link.IMG_7905

  • Seats 1-2 Children or 1 Gamer
  • 90cm wide
  • 70cm high
  • Prefilled with 12-15kg of Dream Foam
  • Comes with peace of mind 10  year warranty.
  • The comfiest seat on the planet


The Gamer / Pillow KloudSac 5ft x 4ft

The Gaming Bean Bag our most versatile KloudSac! Turn it on its side and sit it upright to game or watch TV, or lay it flat for the perfect place to lay down and relax. The perfect addition for a bedroom, media room or lounge room, where you sit down to play on your PlayStation or Xbox. The dimensions of the Gamer KloudSac make it perfect for any sized space, as when the sac is sitting on its side, the space it takes up is minimal. Whether your reading a book, using a laptop or tablet device, or relaxing and watching TV, the Gamer Kloudsacs unique shape conforms to your body and holds you upright. Purchase your Gamer KloudSac today.

  • Seats 1 adult / gamer
  • 160cm long – flat on ground
  • 130cm wide – flat on ground
  • 50cm high – flat on ground
  • Prefilled with 12-15kg of Dream Foam
  • Comes with peace of mind 10  year warranty.
  • The comfiest seat on the planet