kloud sac carry bagSetting up your KloudSac Bean Bag:

1. Remove your KloudSac from the Box/Duffel Bag; You will find your black InnerSac in a plastic shrink-wrap. Remove this wrapping carefully. The plastic can easily be torn using your finger, however, try to undo the plastic where it is tied. Keep your plastic bag in a safe secure location, if you intend to move your KloudSac to another location in the future. It will protect your KloudSac during transport.

CAUTION – Don not use a sharp object to remove the plastic, as this may tear your Innersac.

2.  After the removal of the plastic shrink-wrap, you’ll find a compressed InnerSac (They almost look like a large square brain!). Your inner bag contains thousands and thousands of small pieces of Dream Foam that have been compressed down to make it easy for you to transport your KloudSac to its final location!

3.  When you first remove the shrink packaging, you will start to notice your InnerSac expanding. If you have time, we recommend leaving your InnerSac for 1-2 hours before you start to work your hands into the foam. There is nothing wrong getting stuck in straight away though!

Important: Please note that throughout the entire set up process, the InnerSac should never be opened , all Fluffing and set up should be done with the foam inside the cover, and your hands outside the cover!

4.  Start to slowly break the small pieces of foam apart (remember, it takes time for the air to get into your KloudSacs Dream foam). We think the best way to do this is break your large compressed inner bag into smaller pieces, then work these smaller pieces until the foam pieces are separated. Try to work the bag for approximately 10-15 minutes – you should see your bag inflate to around 50% of its fullness, the last 50% will expand over the next few days with continual use and fluffing. All fluffing and breaking of foam should be done with the foam inside the cover, your InnerSac does not need to be opened to fluff the foam, and should not be opened to do so.

5.  Finally remove your outer cover from its packaging. Fully unzip your outer cover and place it on the ground laying open. Your cover will look like a giant number 8! Next move your inner bag onto one circle of the 8, and fold the other side over the top of the inner bag, like a giant cocoon – then proceed to carefully zip up your cover around the inner bag. Don’t Worry – It does not matter what position your inner bag sits inside its cover!