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Buy Bean Bags Perth from our Online Store – Express Delivery to All Suburbs

Searching for bean bags, foam bean bag sacs or foam bean bag lounge chairs in Perth, Australia or its surrounding suburbs? The KloudSac online store and information page is the on stop shop for our premium range of products. From here you will be able to find your closest retailer location, browse through our great product pages, look through our many pictures, check out our numerous Kloudsac information videos! All the information you’ll need and more is available. For any additional information or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly, you’ll out contact information in a link at the top of this page.


Buy foam bean bags in Perth:

Bean bags full of beans are so 2008. At KloudSac we have revolutionised bean bags, and comfort. By ditching old style beans and replacing them with a premium shredded sofa grade foam filling we have eliminated everything that’s bad about bean bags while at the same time bringing a whole new meaning and comfort level to the word bean bag! No beans means lots of things. No noise, no mess, no expensive re-fills, no wear and tear on bag zips and seams. KloudSac’s are over-sized as well, allowing 2 adults so fit on our biggest model (3 if you like to cuddle). Our secret blend of premium foam ensures your KloudSac will stay full forever, and provide you, your family and your friends with the comfiest and coolest piece of furniture on the planet.

We are an Australian owned company hellbent on providing quality, unique and alternative furnishings and accessories to our customers. In our KloudSac range we have a large variety of sizes, fabrics and colours that will suit any decor. We use only the best designs and the most premium and durable of fabrics and materials. With a focus on quality we ensure all our products last forever. in Fact we don’t just ensure it, we guarantee it (seriously, we do). This not only gives our customers piece of mind, it gives us piece of mind as well. Our Kloudsac range includes the Single Kloudsac (ideal for a teen, child or gamer), Urban KloudSac (perfect for one adult or two if you like to be very close), Mondo KloudSac (the ultimate single seater or ideal for two adults to comfortably sit together), Lounger KloudSac (Huge!! about the size of a couch custom made to order). Click here to buy foam bean bags Perth.

Buy Bean Bags Perth Online


Buy accessories and other comfy stuff:

The only thing better than a KloudSac is an accessorised KloudSac. Whether its one of our FootSac throw-rug’s, with cozy foot pockets stitched in, or a premium foam filled OttoSac to rest your feet on, our KloudSac accessory range will have you covered. Fulfill your comfort desires with KloudSac by topping off your Kloud with some of our premium range extras? What about a luxurious, cuddly soft foot-throw-blanket to rug up with in your KloudSac on one of those windy, rainy and cold nights, experience our Egyptian cotton robes sure to bring a smile and that extra warm comfort whilst in your KloudSac, maybe you want to stretch out and need a soft spot to place your feet, this is possible with our OttoSacs. Check out these products and many more in the Accessories Store. Click here to buy accessories Perth.

Buy KloudSac Accessories


Buy dog beds and toys:

Large or small KloudSac has a premium dog bed and accessories to suit your fury best friend. Surprise them with their own comfy and relaxing KloudSac pet bed? Have a look at the KloudSac pet range collection sure to have that special something that your friend is sure to love. Our premium dog beds and products range includes Medium Layome Dog bed, X-Large Layome Dog Bed, and many more in the Online Pet Store. Click here to buy pet products Perth.

Buy KloudSac Pet Range


Find a Perth KloudSac Bean Bag retailer near you:

Want that hands on feel or want to talk to a KloudSac expert? Visit our Locations Page to see if we have a retailer near you.


Hire KloudSac bean bags for your next function or event:

Got an event coming up? Here at KloudSac we provide flexible, fun and funky furniture options for your next party or event. From a day, to a month or even to a year we offer affordable rates for you to create the fun environment for a corporate event,party, social event or whatever need you see fit we can supply KloudSacs to suit your requirements. Click here to hire foam bean bags Perth.


Become a Perth KloudSac bean bag retailer:

Are you a local Perth retailer? Looking to stock a new, fun and funky product? Look no further than KloudSac we are always looking for new areas and stores to stock our great products. Click here to visit our Retailer Information Page to contact us to see if we are a fit for each other.


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