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mondo large bean bagThe Mondo is by far our bestselling Sac, mostly, because it’s the perfect size. Big enough for 2 people (3 if you’re really close), or the ultimate single seater, the Mondo is still and small enough for any room! The Mondo Kloud is perfect for any lounge, home cinema, bedroom or rec space. Sit back, relax and let the world slip away whilst you watch a movie, sports, or just chilling out or your tablet/laptop.. It doesn’t get much better than this.


urban cloudurban medium bean bagsThe Urban Kloud is plenty of fun for one adult, or a couple of kids! The Urban Kloud is built for smaller tighter spaces, however will still survive and thrive in any larger space! The Urban Kloud is ideal for chilling on your laptop, as a gamer chair, in bedrooms, lounge rooms and is the perfect replacement for any armchair.





single cloudsingle small bean bagThe Single Kloud is for any teenager or small child! Small bedrooms, extra lounge seating, nurseries and playrooms The Single Kloud is perfect for the kids to crash on, play video games or study on their laptops – we guarantee their brains will get sore before their butts do!





KloudSac Accessories & Pet Products

bean bag accessories Check out our great KloudSac accessories collection, many premium grade products to go with your foam filled bean bag lounge chair. From something to rug up under like a Foot-Throw-Rug, a luxurious and soft Robe for a cold winter night, or a place to put your feet up while sitting on your KloudSac bean bag with an OttoSac KloudSac has you covered with this range.






pet dog bean bag Reward your pet with their own KloudSac foam filled bean bag bed, soft and luxurious your best friend will love their new sleeping quarters. Made in many sizes and colours to suit any pet from large to small.