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Buy Bean Bags Brisbane from our  Online Store – Express Delivery to All Suburbs

Looking for bean bags, foam sacs, foam bean bag lounge chairs in Brisbane, Australia, or Brisbane’s surrounding greater metro suburbs? Welcome to the KloudSac information website and online Sac’s store. This is your one stop shop to find all the Sac information you will need, from a retailer location closest to you, browsing through our online store to purchasing a Sac direct. Browse through our great product pages, look through our many pictures and check out our numerous Kloudsac information videos! All the information you’ll need and more is available. For any additional information or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly, you’ll out contact information in a link at the top of this page.


Buy foam bean bags in Brisbane:

The days old, yucky bean filled bean bags are gone! KloudSac is an Australian owned company that has transformed the old bean bag into a new, revolutionised, fun and most importantly comfiest piece of furniture you will ever sit on. What we have done is create an over-sized bean bag, then get rid of the old, messy bean bag beans and replace them with a premium shredded sofa grade foam. This has many benefits – your KloudSac will NEVER go flat, it will be noise free, it is much more supportive, its way more fun, and, its is so damn comfortable!  KloudSac foam filled bean bag chairs have a huge range of sizes, colours and fabrics to suit any decor. The KloudSac range is designed with only premium fabrics and materials, with a focus on quality to ensure maximum durability – they’re not just made to last, they actually do last! Our range includes the Single Kloudsac (ideal for a teen, child or gamer), Urban KloudSac (perfect for one adult or two if you like to be very close), Mondo KloudSac (the ultimate single seater or ideal for two adults to comfortably sit together), Lounger KloudSac (Huge!! about the size of a couch custom made to order). Click here to buy foam bean bags Brisbane.

Buy Bean Bags Brisbane Online


Buy accessories and other comfy stuff:

What better way to compliment your KloudSac than adding some super cool and comfy accessories! Have a look at our Egyptian cotton robes to rug up in your KloudSac with, or maybe you want to relaxation even further, and you’re looking for a place to put your feet up on an OttoSacs! Or a cozy, warm and cuddly soft throw-blanket with soft an warm foot pockets to keep you extra toasty on your KloudSac on a cold winters night. Check out these products and many more in the Accessories Store. Click here to buy accessories Brisbane.

buy kloudsac accessories


Buy dog beds and toys:

Have a KloudSac and want something just as comfy for your four-legged best friend? KloudSac has a range for your favorite friend as well with our premium pet beds and products. Our Range includes Medium Layome Dog bed, X-Large Layome Dog Bed, and many more in the Online Pet Store. Click here to buy pet products Brisbane.

buy kloudsac pet range


Find a Brisbane Bean Bag KloudSac retailer near you:

Want to see a KloudSac in person an talk to a KloudSac expert? Visit our Locations Page to find the retailer nearest to you.


Hire KloudSac bean bags for your next function or event:

Got an event coming up? At KloudSac we provide the most flexible, unique and fun furniture options for your party or event! From a day, to a month or even to a year we offer affordable rates for you to create the perfect environment for any corporate event, party, social event. Whatever you require, we have the Kloudsac to fit need you see fit. Click here to hire foam bean bags Brisbane.


Become a Brisbane KloudSac bean bag retailer:

Are you retailer in Brisbane the surrounding areas? Looking to stock a new, fun and unique product? Look no further than KloudSac. We are always on the lookout for great stores to stick our great products. Click here to visit our Retailer Information Page and get in contact with a friendly KloudSac team member.


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