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Buy Bean Bags Adelaide From Our Online Store – Express Delivery to All Suburbs

Looking to buy bean bags Adelaide, foam filled bean bags, foam bean bag lounge chairs in Adelaide, Australia, or its surrounding greater metro suburbs? Welcome to KloudSac’s online store and Sac information page. From here you will be able to find a retailer location closest to you, or browse through our online store and purchase a Sac direct. Browse through our great product pages, look through our many pictures, check out our numerous Kloudsac information videos! All the information you’ll need and more is available. For any additional information or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly, you’ll out contact information in a link at the top of this page.


Buy foam bean bags in Adelaide:

Bean bags are so 1990’s! Right now we are in the midst of the KloudSac revolution! KloudSac’s are premium shredded foam filled bean bags that eliminate all the problems that you would face with traditional bean bags. Noise, beans, refilling, tears and spillages! This is no longer the case with KloudSac. We have reinvented the bean bag to be an over-sized, foam filled with our secret blend of premium DreamFoam, super comfy and require no refills! That’s right, your bean bag will stay full and never, ever go flat, we guarantee it! We are an Australian owned company that is taking comfort, uniqueness and functionality to a new level. KloudSac foam filled bean bag chairs range in size, colour and fabrics to suit any decor. All KloudSac ranges are designed with only premium fabrics and material, with a focus on quality to ensure they last you long  into the future and give you great piece of mind. Our range includes Single kloudsac (ideal for a teen, child or gamer), Urban KloudSac (perfect for one adult or two if you like to cuddle), Mondo KloudSac (the ultimate single seater or ideal for two adults to comfortably sit together), Lounger KloudSac (Huge!! about the size of a couch custom made to order). Click here to buy foam bean bags Adelaide.

Buy bean bags Adelaide online


Buy accessories and other comfy stuff:

From a throw-rug with warm cozy pockets for your feet , an extra cozy robe, a soft and comfy ottosac to put your feet up when sitting on a KloudSac and much much more, the KloudSac accessory range will have you covered. Compliment your KloudSac by adding some of our premium range accessories! What about a warm and cuddly soft throw-blanket with warm foot pockets stitched in to rug up with in your KloudSac on one of those rainy wintry nights? Take a look at our Egyptian cotton robes, thick, warm and soft – a must have, and a great gift idea. Maybe you want to stretch out on your KloudSac and need a soft spot to place your feet, grab one an OttoSac to match your KloudSac (Or be a bit risky and mix and much your colours!). Check out these products and many more in the Accessories Store. Click here to buy accessories Adelaide.

buy kloudsac accessories


Buy dog beds and toys:

Is your four-legged friend loving your KloudSac a little too much and you want to reward him or her with their own comfy and relaxing KloudSac? Check out our KloudSac Pet Collection! Our premium dog beds and products range includes Medium Layome Dog bed, X-Large Layome Dog Bed, and many more in the Online Pet Store. Click here to buy pet products Adelaide.

buy pet kloudsac range


Find a Adelaide KloudSac retailer near you:

Want that hands on feel or want to talk to a KloudSac expert? Visit our Locations Page and find a retailer closest to you.


Hire KloudSac bean bags for your next function or event:

Got an event coming up? Here at KloudSac we provide flexible, fun and funky furniture options for your next party or event. From a day, to a month or even to a year we offer affordable rates for you to create a fun and unique environment/space for a corporate event, party, social event or any other event! We have KloudSacs to suit any area and requirement. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/4″][ptable]

  • single seater beanbagHire Standard Tear Drop Bean Bag (Victoria Only)
  • $25 first day + $10 each additional day
  • Delivery price by quote
  • Colours: Purple Only Currently
  • Size: Width 70cm Depth 70cm Height 100cm
  • Contact Kyle – 0435 752 324 or Email Us
[/ptable][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][ptable]
  • single seater beanbagPurchase Standard Tear Drop Bean Bags (Aus Wide)
  • $70.00 inc delivery + optional branding by quote
  • Colours: Any (min order 10)
  • Size: Width 70cm Depth 70cm Height 100cm
  • Perfect for longer duration events, or multi-events with optional branding available.
  • Contact Kyle – 0435 752 324 or Email Us
[/ptable][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][ptable]
  • double seater beanbagPurchase Double Bean Bags (Aus Wide)
  • $85.00 inc delivery + optional branding by quote
  • Colours: Any (min order 10)
  • Size: Width 170cm Depth 120cm Height 40cm
  • Perfect for longer duration events, or multi events with optional branding available.
  • Contact Kyle – 0435 752 324 or Email Us
[/ptable][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][ptable]
  • custom bean bagsPurchase Custom Size/Shape Bean Bags
  • $ By Quote
  • Colour: Any (min order 10)
  • Size: Any
  • Need specialty bean bags made? Any shape size or colour we can have it made for you.
  • Contact Kyle – 0435 752 324 or Email Us