What is a kloudSac ?

Superior Comfort

Get comfy. Introducing airsack. The most incredible comfort in alternative furniture. We are a newly established 100% Aussie owned and operated business, based in Melbourne. Our range may look like bean bags – but you’ll quickly feel the difference the moment you jump into one. Some say it’s like floating on air or a cloud. It’s impossible not to smile – you’ll always remember your first experience in an airsack. We’ve taken the ‘beans’ out of the bean bag. No more scrunching noises, no more refilling the beans, no more rips, burst and bean-spills.

Airsacks contain safe, high-grade shredded foam. That means amazing comfort for starters – and it NEVER goes flat. Double stitched with two layers of lining – it NEVER bursts. And better still, your airsack will always look awesome! Our stylish covers are removable (without the spills!), washable and changeable. So you can change your style whenever you like.

At airsack, comfort is our passion. We bloody love it, and we know you will too! And we don’t believe in charging you an arm and a leg for it. Our prices are fair and we source the highest quality materials so you will enjoy your airsack, forever. In our lucky country, we enjoy our downtime and we believe all Australians deserve the best products to chill out in. It will become your most prized possession – it will start conversations with your guests – and at the end of a hard days work – all you will think about is sinking into your airsack when you get home. airsack is available in a range of sizes and beautiful, vibrant colours – perfect for any age or size! From kids to grown ups who like acting like kids – airsack brings out that infectious smile in all of us.

Get around it Australia – and change how you chill, forever.